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Looking for a loop/ride around Mammoth Lakes, CA(6 posts)

Looking for a loop/ride around Mammoth Lakes, CAfracisco
Aug 13, 2002 8:26 AM
It looks like I'll be spending a long weekend up at Mammoth in September, and I'm looking for a recommendation for a loop/ride in or around the Mammoth Lakes, CA, area. 30 miles or so would probably do the trick, since I won't be accustomed to the altitude.
Dunno off the top of my head...sn69
Aug 13, 2002 8:46 AM
...but you can probably get the info at When you figure it out, can you let me know? And can you take pictures? ...Just kidding on that last one. Mammoth is one of my favorite places. The ski/sports shop in the same center at Good Earth cafe carries road bikes. I'm sure they could tell you.

Have fun (I'm jealous),
whoops, it's nmsn69
Aug 13, 2002 8:47 AM
Red's Meadowmr_spin
Aug 13, 2002 8:53 AM
From town, climb up 203 to Minaret Summit, which is the same road to Devil's Postpile. Go over the top, down the mountain, and ride out to Red's Meadow at the end of the road. There's a little store there. Turn around, come back.

The road up to the summit is nice and has very wide shoulders, mainly because a lot of it is parking for the ski area. Once you are over the summit, the roads shrink in size, but traffic is really restricted so it's not a big deal. The climb back up to the summit is tough, but riding down in the valley is worth the effort. Coming back down into town is very fun, because of the wide road and nicely banked curves.

This is probably a 25-30 mile ride, depending on where you start. You get up to 9100 feet at the summit, and can go a little higher if you go out to the viewpoint. It's a little more climbing, but it's spectacular.

Another good road is Mammoth Scenic Loop. You'll pass it on the ride up to the summit. It goes about 6 miles out to 395. Nothing spectacular, but a nice scenic road that didn't get a lot of traffic when I did it.

If you are in June Lake, there's the June Lake loop, which is 15 miles.

I was in June Lake last year and did the Red's Meadow ride from there. It was a tough 65 miles.
High Sierra Fall CenturyCT5
Aug 13, 2002 9:10 AM
This web site describes the course for the High Sierra Fall Century which will take place on 9/14. It has shorter options as well. You may even be up there at the right time to participate. Don't worry about the altitude, you'll acclimate in just a day or two, just be careful not to go anaerobic for too long on the climbs. If you watch your heart rate and fluids, you'll be OK.
re: Looking for a loop/ride around Mammoth Lakes, CADMoore
Aug 13, 2002 8:52 PM
The Red's Meadow/Devil's Postpile ride mentioned in another posting is NOT a ride for someone not used to climbing at altitude. It has a long, steep climb coming back that'll beat you up.

The century ride also mentioned in another posting is (I believe) Sept. 15. There's also a 50 mile ride. If you're going to be there that weekend, do the 50. 50 miles with other people around, and rest stops, is probably an easier ride than going 30 solo.

Three solo rides in the area I'd suggest -

1. Ride from town up Minaret Road to the ski area main lodge, then past the lodge up to Minaret Summit. Turn around there, do NOT go down to Red's Meadow. Ride back down MInaret to Mammoth Scenic Route, turn there, and ride to highway 395. Down 395 to 203, and then back up 203 to town. That's about 27 miles if you ride around town a little bit in the process.

2. Another alternative is to ride down 203 to 395, south on 395 past the airport to the green church. Turn onto Benton Crossing Road, and then just go as far as you feel like before you turn around and come back. If you don't want to deal with the climb back up into town, just drive down and park at the church.

3. If you're feeling energetic, drive down 395 to the bottom of Sherwin Grade. Exit at the turnoff for "Paradise" and park the car. Ride up Lower Rock Creek Road to Tom's Place. That's about 3000 feet of climbing, almost uninterrupted except for one brief downhill near the top. It's a screaming fun ride back down! That's probably only 20 - 25 miles total, but believe me it's a good workout.

Have you heard of the Everest Challenge? It was a two day ride back in June. One day it started in Lone Pine, the other day started in Bishop. In two days they climbed 26000 feet! You might want to work up to that one.