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Tubes, Michelin or Conti's or etc....?(9 posts)

Tubes, Michelin or Conti's or etc....?fz4vgq
Aug 13, 2002 6:00 AM
I'm interested in durability over weight savings. On that same subject, whats a good durable (puncture resistant) tire that doesn't weigh to much? i'm sorry if this subject has been brought up a gazillion times already. thanks, chad
Aug 13, 2002 6:20 AM
I've had pretty good luck with Performance tubes. They go on sale for $2 each a few times a year and I stock up. I'd be willin gto bet that any tube made in Tiawan is made in the same factory. Sometimes I buy the Michelin and have had good luck with them as well. I think tires are more important than tubes in preventing flats. If you're really plagued, try that Slime sealant.
Aug 13, 2002 6:24 AM
I had a long run of mysterious failures with Performance tubes, so I stopped buying them. Most of the people I ride with have had similar problems.

I was at Performance last week and they had Michelin tubes on sale for $4. That's what I use.
I've never paid any attention to inner tube brand names.Spoke Wrench
Aug 13, 2002 6:28 AM
Any time I've gotten frequent flats, it's always been due either to something stupid that I did or to a piece of glass or something in the tire that I couldn't find.

I havn't personally tried the Continental Gatorskin tires yet. They've gotten excellent reviews on this board by guys whose opinions I respect. If I were buying tires today, that's what I would get.
re: Tubes, Michelin or Conti's or etc....?gs6769
Aug 13, 2002 6:29 AM
I've had good luck with the Michelin Pro Race. Reasonably light, no flats and only a couple of small cuts after 700+ miles. Nice-n-sticky, lively feel.
Not much difference, but I buy Contis when I can find themSilverback
Aug 13, 2002 8:01 AM
Most of the time I use whatever's on sale--I just bought a dozen generic Taiwanese tubes from REI for $1.93 each. I've used them before, and they're fine.
When I can find them, though, and feel like spending about six bucks a pop...sorry, six bucks EACH...I buy Continentals. I forget who it was, maybe Grant Petersen, who said "Tubes all suck, but German tubes suck less than others."
re: Tubes, Michelin or Conti's or etc....?maximum15
Aug 13, 2002 8:19 AM
I have had good luck with Cont tubes and both Vittoria open corsa and rubino pro tires. Better luck with the open corsa, but then again, they are quite a bit more expensive. The rubino pro tires seem a little fat for the size.
No diffLC
Aug 13, 2002 8:37 AM
Once some glass or metal goes thru the tire it will punture a 1mm thick tube just as fast as a 0.45mm tube. Guess a slime tube may stop some leaks, but the one guy I know that uses them seems go get more flats on his slimey tubes than I get on my Luna-lites which are not much thicker than a condom.
No diffThaddeus
Aug 13, 2002 12:40 PM
Isn't it true, except in the case of certain mfrs, that all tubes are made in one of two plants in taiwan?