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update to 'what's it worth: 2001 serotta'...(7 posts)

update to 'what's it worth: 2001 serotta'...JS Haiku Shop
Aug 13, 2002 5:59 AM
the owner had one of the LBSs work out the seatpost. owner was then nice enough to allow me to take it home for a week. i've had it now for 2 days. remember, owner says this bike was purchased in june of last year off the shelf at the LBS.

last night i pulled the stem and fork, and found an amount of rust in the head tube and on the stem & fork (& threads) that i'd expect from about a year of being rain ridden and not frame-saved, lubed, or hung to dry out after rides. not a huge deal--could be lightly sanded off, frame-saved, and well greased-up.

couldn't pull the cranks to get at the bb shell, don't have the ultegra crank bolt dust cap thingy, and couldn't finesse the non-drive side cap out.

removed the seatpost and had a look in the seat tube: 100% rust, all the way down to a tiny glint of bare metal at the base of the seat tube. looks like the outside of one of those underwater shipwrecks.

here are the odd things: there is no rust on the components, including on the nuts/bolts that affix the brake calipers to the frame, or on/around the cranks, or external to the bb shell. though the bike is supposed to be a 2001, the headset is 600, and the STI levers are (according to Len's flight deck buttons FYI) pre-2001. aside from normal wear and tear, the kit looks to be in great condition. the seatpost (thompson elite) is fine, tho the saddle appears to have been the host of a strange chemistry project. tires are dry-rotted, and the decals on the rims are bending off/peeling off. chain and cassette have touches of rust, brake cables rusted, derailleur cables freyed, brake pads marginal.

is the frame toast?

has this bike been sitting outside?

what say you?


Sounds to me..........Len J
Aug 13, 2002 6:07 AM
like he's had it sitting in a non-HVAC garage. As the Garage heats up & cools down, condensation forms inside the frame, which probably exlains the rust inside the frame but not on the components.

Is the Frame toast? No way to tell from here. What did the LBS think?

I would think that since it is only around a year old that it may just be surface rust & properly treated you should be OK, but I would probably have someone who knows more than me look at it.

What a waste! Someone spends that kind of money and allows it to dry rot.

Sounds to me..........JS Haiku Shop
Aug 13, 2002 6:11 AM
he took it to the lbs, not me. i haven't called them. not sure if they'd give me the straight poop. i'm going to call serotta again and give them the run down, see what they say. aside from that, imho at this point, it's not worth the sum of its parts. the wheelset might make a good winter trainer pair, the group remnants might see ebay, but the bike overall seems a liability.

and yes, pitiful shame. before riding the merckx, bikes were tools. things change when you realize that bikes are people, too. :)
re: update to 'what's it worth: 2001 serotta'...fz4vgq
Aug 13, 2002 6:12 AM
WOW, thats sounds scary! I can't believe anyone would invest the money to buy a Serotta and then not take the time to disassemble and swab down the insides of the tubes with a rust preventive oil. But what do I know, that could be completely normal with steel frames. good luck but that sounds like something i'd pass on unless the guy is just about giving it away.
re: update to 'what's it worth: 2001 serotta'...netso
Aug 13, 2002 7:01 AM
I have an 1984 CIOCC that sounds as if its in better condition than the 2001 Serotta. I would pass!
not "toast" but worth a lot less because of the rust (nm)ColnagoFE
Aug 13, 2002 7:45 AM
rust never sleeps .... nm12x23
Aug 13, 2002 6:27 PM