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anyone reading "French Revolutions"?(11 posts)

anyone reading "French Revolutions"?gtx
Aug 12, 2002 6:31 PM
Not terribly serious but if you're going through Tour withdrawal, want some half-decent cycling-related reading or a few good laughs you might check it out. I'm about 2/3rds through and am enjoying it for the most part. If you don't appreciate British humor you should probably stay away.
re: anyone reading "French Revolutions"?j-son
Aug 12, 2002 8:16 PM
Haven't heard of this one. I'll check it out ... I love British humor. Currently reading (again, and yet again) "fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Nothing can beat the Doctor for pure gonzo "literature".

I just finished a fantastic book I found on the the bargain table at Hastings, "Pedaling for Glory" by Samuel Abt. It chronicles the 1996 season from the ealry Classics through the Tour, Olympics, and World Championships. Great book. Best $3.99 I've spent in a while.

I haven't seen your nom de plume on the board much recently.

(And, when I had to re-register to post, I found that my old aliases where already taken as well as nearly every variation of my name.)

re: anyone reading "French Revolutions"?gtx
Aug 12, 2002 8:51 PM
Yes, haven't been coming by here much recently. My favorite British novelist at the moment is Magnus Mills--The Restraint of Beasts is one of the funniest books I've read in a long time. And I'm a big Hunter S. fan, too. I'll keep an eye out for Pedaling for Glory.
re: anyone reading "French Revolutions"?scruffyduncan
Aug 13, 2002 12:24 AM
read frnch revolutions last year, a great book that pokes fun at cyclists and the french in a good way. If you take yourself too seriously you might get miffed at it.

Magnus mills is great, I've read all three of his novels, his latest one "3 to see the king" is excellent
anybody read, "the rider" by tim krabbe A1pukka
Aug 13, 2002 3:55 AM
great read about a race in 73 a dutch classic released here recently he also wrote 'the vanishing" which was made into a movie a dutch version and an american version starring james spader and jeff bridges(or william hurt i always get them mixed up)
Finished it -- Laughed my @ss off...Gregory Taylor
Aug 13, 2002 4:56 AM
Basic premise: a casual cyclist does the 2000 Tour route. Suffers mightily. Hilarious understated British humour.

My favorite cycling book -- "Three Men On The Bummel" by Jerome K. Jerome. Written in the late 19th century, three Basil Fawltey-esque characters stumble through a bike tour of the Kaiser's Germany. The cycling bits are hilarious, but the most interesting parts are the social commentary on how pre-WWI Germany was viewed by Britain.
Jerome is a "must read". One of my favourite authors. NMtz
Aug 13, 2002 8:35 AM
what about "Off to the Races: 25 Years of Cycling Journalism"?steve-z
Aug 13, 2002 6:58 AM
this one looks good, anyone read it?
"The Rider" is goodSuddha
Aug 13, 2002 7:16 AM
"The Rider" is a great book... Could really only be appreciated by a cyclist. It goes into the minutiae of cycling - every thought in the guy's head as he rides a race - gear choices, reflections on his career, his thoughts about the other racers...

I love how one of the racers moves his water bottle from the cage to the back of his jersey before a climb... he claims it lightens his bike, but really it is a psychological move..

A nice quick read.
Yup -- It was pretty good...Gregory Taylor
Aug 13, 2002 7:45 AM
It's a collection of his columns. Personally, I don't think that it is as good as John Wilcoxson's (sp?) collection of writing from Velonews...
Enjoyed it. Anyone read The Escape Artist?ms
Aug 13, 2002 7:46 AM
French Revolutions is a fun read. About a month ago, The Economist published a review of The Rider (mentioned above) and The Escape Artist: Life from the Saddle, by Matt Seaton. Has anyone read The Escape Artist? Is it available in the US or will I have to order it from the UK, as I did with French Revolutions when it was first published?