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The things you learn on RBR!!!(7 posts)

The things you learn on RBR!!!Lone Gunman
Aug 12, 2002 5:37 PM
I started using a mirror this season. Use it on my Bolle Parole glasses. The mirror is flexing the left temple arm and the glasses are not fitting as well as they used to. The mirror, a "take a look" model is supposed to be adaptable as a helmet mount mirror simply by twisting the mirror over and attaching it to the inside of your helmet and the mirror arm extends along the lip of your helmet very nicely. Just as a trial, I attached the mirror with duct tape to see if it is usable in that configuration. Didn't get the chance to ride with it yet, but it seems to work.

Also have a broken mount of my rear blinky light, a Specialized After Burner model that has the 5 diff modes of blinking. It is a clip on model to the broken mount. My Giro helmet with the RocLok3 system has enough space on the rear to attach the blinky that is part of the retention system. It gets the blinky up high and visible and I don't have to add another mount location on my bike. Safety galore out of my helmet!!!
You mean, false sense of security (nm)Breakfast
Aug 12, 2002 9:09 PM
So your implication is...Lone Gunman
Aug 13, 2002 4:09 PM
I should throw away the light, helmet and mirror and hope I don't crash, never need to see what is behind me and not get caught out on a ride after dark or a sudden rain storm? Hardly a false sense of security to use safety equipment, I just found a way to combine 3 pieces into one.
No that's not the implication...Breakfast
Aug 13, 2002 8:13 PM
Keep your helmet, keep your headlight, you don't need a red rear light, especially one that blinks, use a 3" amber reflector instead, and lose the mirror because although it may let you see a little bit it misses the big picture which is your responsibility to see by turning your head and using all your senses. A mirror is even less effective at night.

Red lights actually draw motorist's eyes to you and then they tend to drift towards you and they don't expect you to be moving as slowly as you are on a bicycle and then they're right on top of you. Blinking lights, I call them "geek beacons", are even worse at creating this phenomenom. Reflectors tend to make motorists react as though they expect the reflector to be attached to something solid and unmoving that they don't want to hit.

I hope I'm better understood now.
Regarding Specialized LightsKristin
Aug 13, 2002 6:04 AM
I had a specialized rear reflector. Let me emphasize the word HAD. Three weeks ago, I was decending on some funky pavement and it literally launched into orbit. The LBS says that I should have checked it regularly to make sure it was secure. HMMPH! I want gear that I don't have to inspect before every ride. I'm kinda glad its gone, since had a crappy mount that was difficult to adjust--just bummed because it cost me #@% $48 for the reflector and a dim front light! By the by, the front light doesn't work properly either. Seems to turn itself on and off at will. I've bought $2 flashlights that were built sturdier than this thing.

I doubt anyone at Specialized has ever tried to use their own lighting gear. It sucks to mount and, in my experience, doesn't last. I'm gonna go with another brand.

Thats my $.02
I agree with the mounting - but the lights are great...UncleMoe
Aug 13, 2002 8:09 AM
I have two afterburner lights. One is the single light with just two modes, one is the double light with 5 modes.

The mounts they supply suck. With the single light, I took off the rear reflector on my rack (I commute), and made a velcro strap that sort of "hugs" the light around the reflector bar.

The double light I have mounted around the leg of the rack, down near the hub, actually using the mount clip that came with the single light. It just worked better.

I set them both on blink mode and have been using them for over a year, two times a week on AM commutes and in the winter I need them at night too, so they get double duty. Never had to change the batteries, I think I have used over the advertised 100 hours of burn time.

And the best part is, I actually get comments from drivers at lights saying they saw me from a mile away and they were wondering what the lights were for.
Regarding Specialized LightsLone Gunman
Aug 13, 2002 4:14 PM
Actually, this was the second specialized mount taillight that I had and both had broke. LBS replaced the first one, not bothering with the second one. The mount is junk, no doubt about it. But since I can clip the light to the back of my helmet and since my head is always pointing forward, it works great. I had a cateye blinky before, it got wet and never worked again.