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highway mayhem(2 posts)

highway mayhemLeroy
Aug 12, 2002 3:37 PM
Well. it was my turn today. I had discovered the reason the headset/steerer on my main bike was screwed up - the lbs installed the campy bearings backwards, and used a star nut in a fancy all-carbon steerer tube. Convinced it was dangerous and the cause of all sorts of strange popping and crackling sounds, at lunch I went home and fitted another fork I had and trashed the carbon one as unsafe. Got the bike up and going again. Set out for work. The thing worked like a champ; All my repairs improved the bike's performance.

But the operative word here is 'unsafe.'

I'm hauling down a farm to market road I've ridden a hundred times. I'm keeping as far to the right as possible; probably going about 20mph. I'm wearing a "brooklyn" jersey - quite visible. Next thing I know I'm careening wildly down the road, struggling to get a handle, and wipe out on my right side/face. An 80 yr. old woman, right out of the ozone layer, has just knocked off her Chrysler's passenger side mirror on me, blowing out her right front tire in the bargain! The mirror is spinning in the road with me.

Luckily neither I nor the bike was hurt. I guess if the adrenelin ever wears off I'll be sore tomorrow. But it was a semi-spectacular wreck, kind of a cross between Ty Hamilton and Ulrich missing the turn. It stopped traffic. I ended up changing her tire w/ the help of a neighbor who stopped and took me back home. Now that I think about it she really had no business driving home either.

I can't even generate a decent lawsuit! I'm really glad I have no appreciable damages. Thank God for a near miss. You just never know.
re: highway mayhemMasterBlaster
Aug 12, 2002 6:45 PM
First of you are a nice person to help after a situation like yours has occurred. I am glad you are not hurt. I hope you got her insurance info for any "unforseen" injuries.