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Dura Ace Brake Adjustments(3 posts)

Dura Ace Brake AdjustmentsBroomwagon
Aug 12, 2002 11:44 AM
Need some help on probably a very simple issue . . . quite often when I remove and reinstall the front wheel, I have to recenter the calipers so that the pads are equidistant from the rim--or at least that's what I try to do. More often than not, one pad is touching the rim while the other is not. I try centering by adjusting the Allen screw on top of the brake but that doesn't always work. One pad is still closer than the other. I usually end up loosening the cable and using a 4th hand tool to pull the slack, close the calipers until they are equidistant from the rim and then tighten. Then I can adjust using the Allen screw.

On my old Dura Ace 7400 caliper brakes, I used to take a brake wrench and center by adjusting the center bolt--very easy.

What am I doing wrong? Also, how does a Third hand tool work compared to the Fourth hand tool? I would think using the latter would make adjustments easier.

Thanks for your help.
Not sure why the centering bolt wouldn't work...cabinfever
Aug 12, 2002 11:59 AM
I might suggest turning the centering bolt until there it is in the center of it's adjustability. Then, loosen the brake bolt (through the fork). Now, close the calipers with a third hand tool, and retighten the brake bolt. Then, the brake should be relatively centered, and you'll have adjustability with the centering bolt both right and left. Maybe it's more complex than that, but that is what I might try.
Shouldn't have to adjust brakes that often.Spoke Wrench
Aug 12, 2002 12:04 PM
First thing. When you remove and replace your front wheel, I'm betting you turn your bike upside down. I think that a better plan is to install the wheel with your bike upright. Then, before you tighten your quick release, push down on your stem. That will seat the axle in both sides of the fork. I'm betting that alone will solve your problem.

Now for brake adjustment. With the cable disconnected (and the wheel seated in the fork), your brake pads should be about equi-distant from the rim. Unscrew that little allen bolt on top of the brake about half way and anchor the whole caliper so that is true.

A third hand is a clamp that holds the two brake pads against the rim. Hardly anyone uses one anymore, but if you have one, this is the time to use it. Now anchor the brake cable and make sure the tension is about right. Now you can use the little allen bolt on top of the brake caliper to fine tune your brake action. You want both arms to move at the same time when you pull the brake lever and both arms to realease simultaneously when you release the lever.