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2001 Trek 7500fx or 2001 Specialized Sirrus Comp?(5 posts)

2001 Trek 7500fx or 2001 Specialized Sirrus Comp?gurian
Aug 12, 2002 10:44 AM
I've been riding a Specialized RockHopper for several years and I'm now looking into getting a hybrid because most of my riding is on city/country roads. I'm 6 ft tall-185lbs. My local bike shop has these (2) bikes on hand. The Trek is selling for $599 and the Specialized for $650. They both look to be nice bikes. But I'd like to hear some opinions from those who may have had some experience with either of these bikes or comments in general. Also, what frame size would be best, my inseam is 34"? Thanks!
2001 Specialized Sirrushezekial
Aug 12, 2002 11:56 AM
I have a 2001 specialized sirrus and i absolutely love it. it is very comfortable, especially for an aluminum bike. the only problem i've had with it is, i bought it for the AIDS ride and on my second day of riding 80+ miles, two spokes broke on my rear wheel, which threw it out of alignment. i had to have the whole wheel restrung. after talking with some bike pros, they heard rumors that the wheels on this bike were prone to that. however, after being restrung nothing else has happened.

I think the specialized has a weird sizing thing, i can't remember, if you have the chance you should definitely test ride.

Again, tho, aside from two spokes blowing and me draging my breaks for 30 miles and not realizing it, the sirrus is really awesome! the shifters are in a perfect place and you can really fly on the thing. i can usually keep up with riders on road bikes no problem.

hope this helps!
2001 Specialized Sirrus Comp?Crankist
Aug 12, 2002 1:18 PM
Got the Sirrus Sport. It's (2001) really a wacky bike; I bought it as a first bike and knew no better. It's really a road bike - it has no chance of being useful in the dirt.
But whats this? Why an 11-32 cassette complete with ugly jumps and useless lower gearing given the granny in front.
It seemed any gear I really wanted fell between options, and more than half of that problem no doubt are a result of my peculiar mental twists.
Note also a really mushy saddle and a distracting shock-absorbing seatpost, made available I guess for those
drunken moments when a person just can't resist the lure
of dirtrack and 25c street tires.
But wait- there's more! Canti brakes (!) but they really work great and mount well on those flat bars. Clamp your grips down, they like to slide off - and find a way to enjoy that single hand position for hours on end.
So...I put on a pr. Vector Comps, 12-25 on the back, lost the seatpost/saddle, the pedals which slice 'n' dice the calfs, and ride for no longer than an hour at a time. Now
it's still funky...but fun for short commutes.
Aug 12, 2002 5:46 PM
I've never heard that criticism of the Sirrus before, which has a good rep as a "Performance hybrid" with 700cc wheels but good climbing gearing and straight bars. Much less of a traditional hybrid, much more of a straight bar road bike.

Having ridden neither, I won't weigh in, but I would have just assumed the Specialized as the more desirable of the two.
Aug 13, 2002 6:24 AM
I looked at the Sirrus pro on sale for $800. It is more of a "zippy" road'ish bike than a hybrid. I thought the big squishy grips and sweep bar were a little much but the bike felt comfy enough..I'd lose the sus. post also. It also used MTB XT rear derailleur..forget what's up front and short lever V brakes.

I ended up buying a Devinci Santiago performance hybrid..truly all road bike in componentry, geometry, frame wheels, etc..but with a flat bar. I love it with the excpetion of hand positioning on longer rides but I'm overcoming it and may put clip on aero bars.

Back to the point, they're making more and more bikes (in my research) that are road bikes with flat bars...true hybrids are certainly a different animal..heavier..much more comfort oriented...

The Sirrus is a nice bike however but definately more a city commuter than an off road non paved trails bike combo.