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Swap from ultegra to campy ???(6 posts)

Swap from ultegra to campy ???PhatMatt
Aug 11, 2002 6:42 AM
Ok I will probably get a few flames for this. I would like the casset range I can get from campy 10. Besides that what are teh advantages to switch and is teh cost justified. (I do not have $$ to burn) looking at either Chorus or Record. (I like my ultegra never had any problems)

re: Swap from ultegra to campy ???Rusty Coggs
Aug 11, 2002 7:20 AM
I like the 13x29. Worth it to me. Duno about you.
re: Swap from ultegra to campy ???DINOSAUR
Aug 11, 2002 8:44 AM
I have Ultegra 9 on my old Klein (now my 2nd bike). Chorus 10 on my new Master X-Light. The 4 year old Ultegra group is getting kind of sloppy so it's not a fair comparison to the new Campy group. Both serve the same purpose, they just have different mechanisms. The Shimano has 12-27, the Chorus 12-25. The Chorus has 10 gears, the Ultegra 9. The main difference is the last three cogs, you lose the 23 gear with the Shimano 12-27. Also a difference in the shape of the brake hoods and I prefer the Shimano. If you don't have money to burn and your Ultegra group is working fine, I wouldn't make a change. Save you money and when it comes time to buy a new bike then you can do some serious thinking about what group to go with. I guess you must be looking at the Campy 13-29, how often would you use the 29 gear? I ride nothing but hills and a 25 gear will get me up the steepest grades..keep the Ulegra and go with a 12-27 cassette if you want a lower gear range (IMHO).....
Thax DinoPhatMatt
Aug 11, 2002 9:46 AM
I have teh 12-27 and really like it. I was just doing a little thinking. I am not a great climber but am getting much better. Maybe I have just been lurking around here to long reading about the difference between Campy and shimano. My ultegra works great no complaints, not even hood's ratteling (knock on wood).

Aug 11, 2002 11:44 AM

I'm not a great climber either, but I think the 25 gear makes me a better climber. When I ride the 27 I'm just spinning faster, the 25 puts me up the hill faster, and so on for the 23...I think the Campy 10 with the closer gear ratio makes a difference as your gears are closer together and you are not making big jumps..easier on the knees for old guys like me...I did a lot of consideration when I went with the Chorus, I have no regrets...gets better the more miles you put on it....the only problem for me was the brake hoods like I mentioned, and it just involved messing with my bar tilt until I found the right angle....another thing is the Ultegra has larger brake calipers and more grip especially if you are using Kool Stop brake pads...
re: Swap from ultegra to campy ???tarwheel
Aug 12, 2002 4:36 AM
I've got one bike with Ultegra 9, 12-27, and another with Chorus 10, 13-26 (formerly 13-29). After I getting used to the Campy shifting, I really prefer the function and feel of the Chorus over Ultegra. The Chorus gets smoother and better with time, but the Ultegra has nagging glitches that drive me crazy -- like throwing the chain when shifting from big to small ring (fixed only by installing a Chain Saver) and the chain rubbing the big ring when using the highest three gears (a common problem). But the Ultegra functions fine and I would definitely go that route if cost is at all an issue. Campy chains and cassettes are very expensive, easily twice as much as Ultegra, and don't appear to wear any better. My lastest C-10 cassette is showing some wear after only 1400 miles -- which is ridiculous for a part that costs $80 at "discount" prices.