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Spyder man, you are such a tool!!(49 posts)

Spyder man, you are such a tool!!Lazywriter
Aug 10, 2002 5:10 AM
You wrote
Posted by: spyderman Aug-10-02, 12:42 AM

It was really meant as a joke, but I guess you're a little challenged in that arena... I was just taking a good-natured shot at you, but you've decided you're only defense was to play the PC card.
So, does it make you feel better to call me a name and put me in a catagory?

I don't fear homosexuality, I just don't condone of it. I also don't condone of people who practice beastiality or pedophilia either.

Homosexuality is an unhealthy lifestyle that NBC has brought primetime with 'Will & Grace'. Now it's tres-sheik to have a gay sit-com... Why, because of ratings and money, that's all. Hmmm, when will Jack die from AIDS? Never, it won't be good for ratings.

Need we accept everything the idiot box tells us???

Look at what it's done to South Africa and Haiti. Now it's starting to rip through China. How about writing a sit-com about that? You can't say homosexuality has been good for mankind.

It doesn't matter to me what you or anyone else thinks. I'm proud that I have a different set of morals than what's PC.

WOW!!! Spydermoron
First, Aids in South Africa and Haiti has nothing to do with homosexuality you hillbilly. Second, It is "chic" not "sheik" you stupid bastard and you don't condone it not "condone of it". You are a prime example of ignorance. I agree that I may not be politically and may use the word "homo" and "fag" as it is part of the vernacular (look it up in the dictionary you hillbilly) in my circle of friends and family. My sister and biologiacal father are gay to boot. Using words like that is one thing and I was being facitious (look it up in the dictionary you redneck)when I criticized you for using those words. But you have expounded on your point and proved yourself to be a total moron. I want you to go to and look up any words that don't look familiar to you.
I have been criticized for using "derogatory" words in the past, but I use them knowing I am not hateful in my heart. It is fundamentalist thinking like yours that is the most hateful and ignorant because it is actually how you feel as you elaborated. Will and Grace actors are not even gay by the way. It is a show, not an advertisement for "gayness". You are a total hillbilly, you gotta be.
Crapflood! -nmSnowBlind
Aug 10, 2002 6:34 AM
Aug 10, 2002 6:46 AM
Yo! Lousyrider!!seyboro
Aug 10, 2002 3:25 PM're right on this one. Damnnnn!!
re: Spyder man, you are such a tool!!Diamondback
Aug 10, 2002 8:40 AM
There is nothing worse than an idiot with a Thesaurus. Oh wait, maybe it is a person who criticizes other's spelling and has spelling mistakes themselves. Here's your sign, lazy.
Spelling mistakes and typos are different thanLazywriter
Aug 10, 2002 10:37 AM
using a word out of context. I am not dense enough to hold that against someone as if it were an indicator of intelligence. Sheik from chic is not a spelling mistake. Mind your own business.
Actually Jack is gay....Trollgirl
Aug 10, 2002 9:40 AM
Isn't it obvious? He talks like a bitch, all prissy & shit.

BTW Lazy, I totally agree with your opinions/views.

Well, my gut says thatLazywriter
Aug 10, 2002 11:00 AM
he is, but he apparently never admits to it. I could care less because he is funny and convincing.
Mindy, now eveyone is gonna think we are talking to ourselves because of that double post the other day. We know we are not the same person, although our personalities and sense of humor make resemble one another's. People are way too fu(king uptight on this board. Use a cruse word or argue a little and they report you like some little bitch.
If they don't like what we have to say, stay away from posts with our names on them. That simple. No, but these are the same guys whou will petition their local cable companies to get the porno off the air. Jeeze. Never met a guy who dind't like porno. Wouldn't trust one either as they are usually the ones who get arrested. Those self righteous, overly "religious", bible waving, fundamentalist freaks.
So are you hot or do you look like most girls Mindy I ever known? (ie. fat chick's name) :)
Aug 10, 2002 12:14 PM
Why? Because he's absolutely right?Trollgirl
Aug 10, 2002 12:37 PM
It's weird... you all want Lazy to go away, but you people always respond to his posts.

Imagine if none of you morons responded to this post--0 views. Don't you think he would go away?

Deep down, you really want Lazy around, you know you do. So you can come up with a witty comeback and all of your RBR buddies will think your'e funny... yeah! high five! we got Lazy! Idiots.

Go Lazy.

ahem........ question....CARBON110
Aug 10, 2002 1:14 PM
Do we have clicks on RBR now? Can I be cool?!
just kidn,

Aug 10, 2002 3:21 PM
They may be right, we may be the same person but just the opposite sex. I'm your Yin, your my Yang. This board is way too fu(king uptight and needs a little noise. I don't have malice towards anyone who posts junk about me, I think it is entertaining and funny and laugh about it. All the cordial, niceities that go on here are so boring and disingenuous it is pitiful.
and jr. says:SpecialEd
Aug 10, 2002 1:19 PM
Awww, the little tyke
Aug 10, 2002 2:23 PM
I concur. spyderman's a tool.
Please Take Your Political Rants to "Non-Cycling Disc."jtolleson
Aug 10, 2002 3:29 PM
Not that I particularly want to read it there either, but you could at least be courteous to put it where it belongs.

You can Matno can gay bait together and I can watch Harlett and some of the others kick your psuedo-intellectual a$$. Might be kind of fun. But not here. Starting threads like this here just proves you are a jacka$$.
Just...uh...don't click that mouse, professor!! nmseyboro
Aug 10, 2002 3:43 PM
JT- Why are you compelled to read them then.Lazywriter
Aug 10, 2002 3:54 PM
As far as pseudo-intelligence, I have no pretensions like the one you mentioned. In all actuality, anything someone can regurgitate by rote that they read, be it an esoteric piece of literature or theory IS NOT an indicator of intelligence.
One can be a vulgar, obnoxious moron like myself who never reads but somehow still scores higher on intelligence tests than the well read professor that sits in their Ivory Towers and never accomplished anything in their lives except their graduate degree. My good friend is a professor at a big university and he sees professors who have accomplished nothing besides writing some useless journal articles that never amount to anything.
I said it before and I will say it again, the most intelligent man I ever known worked in a warehouse. The guy was brilliant, kinda like Goodwill Hunting. I have more respect for him than all the true pseudo-intellectuals. So rethink your theory on me, I have no pretensions and would rather yo not even follow me around to see what I post.
No one said anything about compulsion.jtolleson
Aug 10, 2002 3:55 PM
Just asking for a little courtesy. But I had lost sight of the caliber of my audience, clearly.
There you go then, if you know better, then whyLazywriter
Aug 10, 2002 5:31 PM
do you bother. So many people here seem to follow me around the board hanging on every word I say to catch me in a contradiction or as someone posting under a different name. Wierdos.
Congratulations Lazwriter, you just won the award!spankdoggie
Aug 10, 2002 5:50 PM
Aug 10, 2002 6:12 PM
Well, I don't take offense to that picture because you know nothing of who I am or what I look like. However, you are the powerlifter and I came across your picture if you didn't see the last post. I know you own a pair of those shorts and I must compliment you on your camel toe.
It seems as though this board has become.....STEELYeyed
Aug 10, 2002 6:01 PM
an experiment for Lazywriter,who is an admitted physco-therapist,phsycologist, or some such,.......and is playing with our little minds. He makes outragous posts just to see the reaction,and he almost always gets one. Maybe he is writing a paper on the phsycy of posters to online boards and chat rooms?...........or maybe he is just some poor bastard with a degree thats stuck working in a warehouse in the a$$hole of the world somewhere and is very bitter.
Aug 10, 2002 6:14 PM
...he just wanted you to think that he was some poorbastardstuckinawarehouseinthea-holeoftheworldsomewhereandisverybitter. HMMMMMMMMMMM.curiouser and curiouser.
Then again, nothing on TV Saturday nights...
Please Take Your Political Rants to "Non-Cycling Disc."critmass
Aug 11, 2002 3:00 PM

Who adds value to this board? You certainly do and many others. I haven't read any posts by Lazywriter for a long time because he adds no value. I always read your posts even if they are in a thread where I read nothing else. From what you're saying in this post I can only assume that Lazywriter is being his usual obnoxious, self-centered, lame self in this thread. I said in the Manto thread that you and Len and Harlet were the only ones to give that thread a sense of honor and value. That kind of honor and value will never be found in anything written by Lazywriter. Lazywriter like Manto/JOM and a few others only want to provoke in the most insensitive manner they can think of. That's what makes them the immature trolls they are. I agree that it would be fun to see Harlet use her finely sharpened scalpel on Lazywriter but why would anyone want to waste the time on such an insignificant twit as Lazywriter?
Aug 11, 2002 4:32 PM
What is up with all this bs about who is the intellectual heavyweight and the best at some ridiculous form of mental masturbation to see who can post a more stimulating post. If you don;t like what I have to say, avoid my posts. Don't respond to this one either.
Sense of honor? How, by spewing some useless esoteric rhetoric as if that is representative of how smart they are? I am not that ignorant to buy that. GO get your intellectual heavyweights and get them to intellectually beat me up. How ridiculous.
lazy, I agree with you on this one ...weiwentg
Aug 10, 2002 10:14 PM
but you don't think agreeing with yourself (Trollgirl) is, at the very least, a bit silly?
lazy, I agree with you on this one ...spankdoggie
Aug 10, 2002 10:26 PM
Lazywriter, homosexuality is morally wrong. God hates it. I am sorry your father and sister turned queer on you, but they can still be cured. Don't defend their actions.

I understand why you are so angry now. The Taliban Traitor's father turned gay on him when he was 15 (true), and then he turned traitor on the u.s.

We can only hope that you, lazywriter, can overcome your stark past and become a happy person.

P.S. How come all of the pychologists and psychiatrists I have had the misfortune to come across, are always so screwed up in the head themselves?

Can you enlighten me lazywriter on that subject?
Thank you.

I will not let a pychologist or psychiatrist get within 200 yards of me...
Aug 10, 2002 10:44 PM
First off, I am not Trollgirl, I assure everyone of that. I hope I get stomach cancer if I am not telling the truth on this one. I would swear to God, but I am an atheist.
Now Spankcock, as far as my own mental health, I don't see my family members sexuality as a problem. To each his or her own as you cannot live a lie like all of those priests who deny their sexuality and wind up raping little kids.
You sound like a real hillbilly yourself with the typically ignorant views and ideilogies of a redneck, Christian fundamentalist. I get a kick out of idiots like you because you preach Jesis loves everyone and love is in your hearts, but you wind up being the most hateful people on the face of the earth. Thank goodness I was born in the northeast. That may sound arrogant, but most of the rest of the country is backward like you.
Your belief that "God" hates homosexuality is just as ridiculous as your belief that there is some omnipotent/omniscient being playing dice with humanity. You are a small minded, lemming with not an ounce of independent thought in your head. You are a mindless follower with a blindfaith in a book that can be interpreted in any way you need in order for you to justify your ingnorance. I am sure you are all for killing abortion doctors as well.
I knew there is a reason why I cannot stand some of you here because I get vibes that many of you are as ignorant as Spankie and Spyderdouchie. It is ironic that most of this country is filled with hillbillies like you, but it is New York City that is the Capitol of the World which is also the most liberal. Now go watch your Jerry Falwell and pray to your hateful God because if that is what you think you should feel, then that is no God I want a part of.
You are a total a$$hole and my instincts about you were correct.
Aug 11, 2002 4:20 PM
You have passed the extreme liberal litmus test, lazywriter. But you have still failed.

Homosexuality, alcoholism, drug abuse, pedophilia... They are all morally wrong. Do I hate and have a phobia of drug abusers because I know that their behavior is wrong for them and their relationship towards God? No. Of course not; I love the person, but hope they can find strength in God to change their unhealthy, immoral ways...

Lazywriter, don't throw kindergarten debating tactics upon me; it only renders your profile so much more absurd than it already is.

Homosexuality is a moral wrong. I will pray for your father and your sister. Let us all hope that they get cured.

Aug 11, 2002 4:27 PM
You are incredibly ignorant. No sense in arguing because I can see what I am up against. Morality? WOW, you can take your ideologies and your interpretation of your bible and stick them up your a$$. You are an ignorant hillbilly redneck. Case closed. Don't bother praying. Nobody is listening.
Aug 11, 2002 4:31 PM
Where do you receive your morality, lazywriter?

If there is no god, there is no morality, and therefore murder, rape, etc are all ok...

survival of the fittest, strongest... ?

You have strange immoral belief systems lazy...
You ae so stupid. Really.Lazywriter
Aug 11, 2002 4:38 PM
You are going to tell me that if it weren't for the bible, you wouldn't know right from wrong???? Ignorant, authoritarian personality types like you need direction and a "voice" telling them how to think and what is right and wrong.
It is funny, most people believe in God and the world is often a cruel place. Go figure. Enough, arguing with you about this is useless because you truly are not qualified to debate me. Now go clean you guns and shoot grazing animal in your back yard.
Aug 11, 2002 4:47 PM
I asked a simple question.

Where do you derive your moral compass from?

Aug 11, 2002 6:17 PM
Ok, If you believe in god your are automatically stupid...thats it...thats the bottom line. I don't care what your IQ is, I don't care what you got on your SAT test...your'e stupid.
How can you believe in a book written over 2000 years ago by who knows who, when there is a little thing that has complete logic in's called "Evolution". The proof, the actual evidence that religions choose to ignore, thats right there in front of your face. The bones of primate-like beings that clearly show how humans evolved from apes. How many evolution explainations do you need? how much proof do you really have to have before you realize.. oh yeah.. it's true. Religious people think Evolution happened over-night, they don't understand that it happened throughout millions and millions of years.
Where is the proof of heaven? Where is heaven exactly? Have you ever seen it? No, you haven't. You only believe in your religion because it was passed down to you. If your parents were Muslim, you would be a Muslim, and you would think Christianity was wrong, and the same with any other religion. Let me tell you something, ALL religions are wrong. Why do you need religion? Is it because you are too weak to handle real life on your own? Is god your "crutch"? Or is it because you are scared of death, and you don't want it to be the you think there is a heaven waiting for you when your time comes. I'm sorry you have a hard time living life without someone guiding you. Oh, and nothing happens when you die. It's logic.
Did you know that just over 100 years ago people threw other people off cliffs because they thought they were witches? Now we know that there are no such things as witches. Those things happened just 100 years ago, imagine what people believed over 2000 years ago!
In my case, I have had the opportunity to study different religions and all of them are missing a key element, the ability to corroborate through a scientific method (and be able to duplicate the experiment under controlled circumstances, etc.), the actual existence of their deity.
Sadly, the best thing that they can come up with is:
1) It is in the bible...(duh!!) the bible is not even an original book. The damn thing has been changed countless times.
2) I feel the spirit in my heart....
3) I hear his voice...(tell that to a doctor and you will go into heavy medication)
4) I had a dream/vision....
5) Those are the mysteries of "God", we can't hope to understand....
6) You have to have FAITH...(this last statement implies lack of proof)
and so on. This is the behavior of a delusional mind (hearing voices, make-believe friends, etc.). In any case, YOU have no tangible proof of any "god".
Religion was needed when man first came to be on this earth in the process of evolution (not creation). When we became aware that there were some things (at the time with our non existing knowledge of science) we could not properly explain, that's when the forces of nature became gods, (lightning, Sun, Moon, etc.) and soon after, we began to wonder, what happens when we die...? Then, our imagination went wild, because we didn't want death to be the end, we wanted to keep on living on familiar grounds, and most of all, we didn't want to be alone.
With the evolution of science we have been able to put those myths of old to rest, but we, for some reason, do not want to let go of the "pacifier" that we call religion.
When we were kids our parents told us about Santa and also of the Boogieman , but as we grew up we learned that those where only children stories. Yet we are still attached to the same characters only with different labels...god and devil.
The "Christians" took only what they considered suitable for their needs and purpose, made some adaptations, and then discard the rest. But then again, that is the nature of all religions, all of them say that "They have the TRUTH", but they forget that what was the "TRUTH"
Aug 11, 2002 6:30 PM
but they forget that what was the "TRUTH" then, had to change to give way to the "NEW TRUTH" that religions keep changing when they add, or edit, or even re-interpret their sacred books, they are always careful to avoid the FACTS.
If there IS a god.. and he doesn't love me because I seek logical answers to questions.. and don't blindly follow a book written thousands of years ago, and translated god only knows how many times, then he doesn't deserve my worship. Plus... who would want to go to heaven? nobody cool will be there... no rock stars, or porn stars, or anything... just a bunch of
square-ass christians... talk about boring.
How many wars will we all have to suffer over this religion? everyone is killing everyone else... and you all claim to have god on your side. Look at what's happening in Isreal/Palestine- Millions of people have died in wars because..."My religion is better than yours".
About abortion..It is not killing unless the child is breathing. It is a ball of slime in a belly. That's all. Let people do what they want. Is it really a "free country"? What if it was you... a teenager... no money....and you get raped... so you get pregnant. Then you have to have the baby because "abortion is not allowed". Now you just ruined 2 lives, yours and your babie's life. How will you survive? What if your parents are not around to help you out?

Did you know that gay people are born that way? They dont choose to be gay!. Learn the facts dumbshit.

Here's a list of people who did NOT believe in religion or god:Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Abe Lincoln, Charles Darwin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe. (These are just off the top of my head). They are some of the greatest minds in the world.
Do you know why Osama Bin Laden crashed those planes in those buildings? Because he thought HIS religion was right. THIS IS WHAT RELIGION DOES. There is no benefit from it!
I'm not trying to change your beliefs...believe whatever you want. But, if I can spark a little doubt in your head, and if because of that, you dare to put your "faith" in the spotlight and question all of what you were fed with, you might, for the first time, become a thinker and finally be able to confront the fact that there is no such thing as "god" or a"devil" or even heaven or hell waiting for you when your time comes.

Thinkers question things...they ask...why? how? when? etc. Non-Thinkers just follow...Just like lemmings. In this case, they follow a book written 2000 years ago.
You only believe in god because everyone else does. If religion wasn't invented, you wouldn't believe. You wouldn't even think twice.

I am an atheist. That means I don't believe in any religion. But I do believe in humanity. I believe I am a good person. If I had a million dollars I'd give 1/2 of it to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I care about people and things. I try to make people laugh. I don't kill, rape, steal, etc.. I say it how it is. But I don't believe in god.... is that not good enough? Am I supposed to go to hell now because I didn't go to church last Sunday???
Oh, and don't reply back saying that jesus still loves me and that you'll pray for me tonight. I don't know Jesus & Jesus doesn't know me, he died 2000 years ago...I'm still alive. Pure logic. More Logic?.... YOU CANNOT HAVE A BABY WITHOUT SPERM INSIDE YOUR VAGINA. That means your lil' "virgin" Mary got screwed.

If you still believe in god, it doesn't mean I don't like you. I just think your stupid.

Live life right now, don't worry about heaven or hell or anything else. Because before you know it, time is gonna sneak up on you and then it's really over.


"the greatest bullshit story ever created" - George Carlin. Re: religion
Mindy, MindyLazywriter
Aug 11, 2002 7:14 PM
I am actually gonna save your ramblings because they are brilliant. Mr. Einstein is actually one of my favorite figures. It sounds cliche to pick him as I may come across as some pseudo-intellectual by saying I admire him most. But it is not for his physics but rather his philosophies about life, existence and politics. He was a kind man who acutally said he thought of the theory of relativity while "riding a bike". No bullsh%^, it is a famous quote of his.
As I stated before, I am an athiest and my "moral compass" comes from within. Not divine intervention because if that existed, priests wouldn't rape little boys and CEOs wouldn't steal people's life savings. Your synopsis of feeble mindless followers is dead on and arguing with these idiots is useless.
Belief in God was created out of man's narcissism as he had to believe that life and his soul must last forever. How could this one go round be it??? Well it is. We dry up and die and are absorbed back into the earth like a leaf or insect. Period. The bible was written for social control. Don't do this, don't do that. Notice how everything that is pleasurable must be curtailed.
Jesus may have existed, but he was no son of God. He was a schizophrenic because as I have always said, If someone today came up to you stating he was the son of God, where woudl they put him? Bellvue.
Don't get me wrong, the concept of Jesus is wonderful as he is a metaphor for how all people should be. According to thier Bible, he loved all and surrounded himself with the dreggs of society and showed them compassion (ie. prostitutes etc). Funny how all the Bible waving Christians have nothing but contempt for these people.
Anyway, are you married and what do you look like because we may need to meet? LOL
Shit, Lazy, I can't lie anymoreTrollgirl
Aug 11, 2002 7:36 PM
Sorry man, I'm dude.
17 years old
"real" handle: Allen az

Hey... it's summer vacation... you get bored... why not start up some trouble at RBR? LOL. Kinda wanted to see how people would react to a female troll, but I made the mistake of reposting one of your posts and that made people think that you were Trollgirl.

Really, I am sorry. I wish I could find a "Mindy" too. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

(Not Mindy)
Ha Ha, very good Grasshopper.Lazywriter
Aug 11, 2002 7:57 PM
I have a girlfriend anyway and was just kidding. You are very very bright for such a young guy. Good for you as you are able to put thoughts and words together so well.
Your experiment with a female troll was also ingenious. I was gonna ask you in my last post if you were a guy because of your reference to no "porn stars being in heaven" and therefore it is a boring place (only a guy woudl think of that). I started to get a vibe that you may have a schweenie in your underpants instead of what I need. LOL Very Very good there young man. I am proud of you and your skills of being a total ball buster. You are a prodigy of sorts.
I am proud that such a young guy can think so freely. You are not burdened with the lies and superstitions that make man hate and kill in the name of God. People don't realize how the world would a better place if people were divided by religion as it is now.
Evolution is the big lie.spankdoggie
Aug 11, 2002 8:09 PM
When a Fact Is Not a Fact, Lazywriter...

A fact is something that exists beyond question. It is an actuality, an objective reality. It is established by solid evidence.
A theory is something unproved but at times assumed true for the sake of argument. It has yet to be proved as factual. Nonetheless, sometimes something is declared to be a fact that is only a theory. You should know that Lazywriter/trollgirl...

The theory of evolution falls into this category.
ON September 30, 1986, The New York Times published an article by a New York University professor, Irving Kristol. His contention is that if evolution were taught in the public schools as the theory it is rather than as the fact it isn't, there would not be the controversy that now rages between evolution and creationism. Kristol stated: "There is also little doubt that it is this pseudoscientific dogmatism that has provoked the current religious reaction."
"Though this theory is usually taught as an established scientific truth," Kristol said, "it is nothing of the sort. It has too many lacunae [gaps]. Geological evidence does not provide us with the spectrum of intermediate species we would expect. Moreover, laboratory experiments reveal how close to impossible it is for one species to evolve into another, even allowing for selective breeding and some genetic mutation. . . . The gradual transformation of the population of one species into another is a biological hypothesis, not a biological fact."
The article touched a raw nerve in Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould, a fervent defender of evolution as a fact, not just a theory. His rebuttal of Kristol's article was published in a popularized science magazine, Discover, January 1987 issue. It revealed the very dogmatism Kristol deplored.
In his protesting essay, Gould repeated a dozen times his assertion that evolution is a fact. A few examples: Darwin established "the fact of evolution." "The fact of evolution is as well established as anything in science (as secure as the revolution of the earth around the sun)." By the time Darwin died, "nearly all thinking people came to accept the fact of evolution." "Evolution is as well established as any scientific fact (I shall give the reasons in a moment)." "The fact of evolution rests upon copious data that fall, roughly, into three great classes."
For the first of these "three great classes" of "copious data," Gould cites as "direct evidence" for evolution the small-scale changes within species of moths, fruit flies, and bacteria. But such variations within species are irrelevant to evolution. Evolution's problem is to change one species into another species. Gould extols Theodosius Dobzhansky as "the greatest evolutionist of our century," but it is Dobzhansky himself who dismisses Gould's argument above as irrelevant.
Concerning the fruit flies of Gould's argument, Dobzhansky says mutations "usually show deterioration, breakdown, or disappearance of some organs. . . . Many mutations are, in fact, lethal to their possessors. Mutants which equal the normal fly in vigor are a minority, and mutants that would make a major improvement of the normal organization in the normal environments are unknown."

...let me continue below...
99 percent of humans believe in creation...spankdoggie
Aug 11, 2002 8:11 PM
Continuing the thread...

Science, the official magazine for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, also spiked Gould's argument: "Species do indeed have a capacity to undergo minor modifications in the physical and other characteristics, but this is limited and with a longer perspective it is reflected in an oscillation about a mean [a position about midway between extremes]." In both plants and animals, variations within a species will oscillate or move about like pellets shaken in a glass jar—the variations are held within the boundaries of the species just as the pellets are confined within the jar. Just as the Bible's account of creation says, a plant or an animal may vary, yet it is restricted to reproduce "according to its kind."—Genesis 1:12, 21, 24, 25.
For the second of his three classes, Gould offers big mutations: "We have direct evidence for large-scale changes, based upon sequences in the fossil record." By saying the changes were large scale, one species changing into another in a few big jumps, he escapes the need for the nonexistent intermediate fossils. But in going from small changes to big jumps, he goes from the frying pan into the fire.
Kristol comments on this: "We just don't know of any such ‘quantum jumps' that create new species, since most genetic mutations work against the survival of the individual." And Gould's "greatest evolutionist of our century," Theodosius Dobzhansky, agrees with Kristol. His statement about many mutations being lethal is especially true of large-scale, quantum-jump mutations; also significant are his words that ‘mutations that make big improvements are unknown.' Lacking evidence for his large-scale changes, Gould falls back on the old timeworn dodge of evolutionists: "Our fossil record is so imperfect."
Gould does, however, offer as "direct evidence for large-scale changes" what he calls one of the "superb examples," namely, "human evolution in Africa." But evolutionists generally acknowledge that this field is far from superb. It is a hotbed of controversy, a battleground over teeth and bits of bone that evolutionists with vivid imaginations turn into hairy, stooped-over, beetle-browed ape-men. Once again, Dobzhansky is not supportive of Gould: "Even this relatively recent history [from ape to man] is shot through with uncertainties; authorities are often at odds, both about fundamentals and about details."
The last of Gould's "three great classes" that he says proves evolution to be a fact is resemblance between species. (The current trend, however, is to discount physical similarities as proof of relationship; genetic similarities are the new vogue for proving relationship, even in cases where physical characteristics differ greatly.) Gould offers two examples of relationship proved by resemblance. First: "Why does our body, from the bones of our back to the musculature of our belly, display the vestiges of an arrangement better suited for quadrupedal life if we aren't the descendants of four-footed creatures?"

Don't you see Lazywriter?

We can walk and run upright on two feet, do it continuously for many miles, with backbone and belly muscles very comfortable. Unless, of course, we spend most of our waking hours slumped inert in a chair, never exercising muscles of back and belly. But those trained for it can run down four-footed wild animals, exhausting them, and in the vast majority of cases, outliving them. We thrive on two feet; quadrupeds seem comfortable on four.
Gould's second example: "Why do the plants and animals of the Galapagos so closely resemble, but differ slightly from, the creatures of Ecuador, the nearest bit of land 600 miles to the east? . . . The similarities can only mean that Ecuadorian creatures colonized the Galapagos and then diverged by a natural process of evolution." What the similarities can and only do mean is variation within the species. The finches, for example, are still finches.
Gould ridicul
creation is the truth...spankdoggie
Aug 11, 2002 8:16 PM
The finches, for example, are still finches.
Lazywriter, provide one fact that evolution is true. You cannot provide one. That should settle the whole argument alone. LOL.

Gould ridicules believers in creation who argue that "God permits limited modification within created types, but that you can never change a cat into a dog." He then asks: "Who ever said that you could, or that nature did?" Nevertheless, he believes in a much harder change. Cat to dog would at least be mammal to mammal, whereas Gould says "dinosaurs evolve into birds."
Irving Kristol in his article in The New York Times concludes: "The current teaching of evolution in our public schools does indeed have an ideological bias against religious belief—teaching as ‘fact' what is only hypothesis. . . . If believing Christians are persuaded that their children are not exposed to anti-religious instruction, one may reasonably hope that they will feel comfortable once again with this American tradition [separation of Church and State]."
Kristol shows the wisdom of this doctrine of separation when he says: "Theological issues can so easily become a focus of conflict." That is exactly what the "scientific creationism" advanced by some creationists would become if it was taught in the classroom. Several of its contentions are not Scriptural. To name only one, that the creative days of Genesis are 24-hour days. The Hebrew word translated "day" can be and is used in the Bible to be 12 hours, 24 hours, a season, a year, a thousand years, or several thousand years, depending on its particular setting and usage.
The classroom is not the place to air religious differences. Neither is it the place, as Kristol says, for teaching hypothetical evolution as a fact, when in actuality it has itself become a modern-day religion supported only by dogmatism.

Go to bed lazywriter/trollgirl.
You were created, and your family turned queer. Pray for them. They can be cured.
All you can do is copy and paste someLazywriter
Aug 11, 2002 8:30 PM
ridiculous article and interject in between claiming it as your own. Plus if there is a God, he allowed people to be queer. Roll over and die you scumbag. I hope you die soon so you can go to that "better place".
Promise me one thing, if you ever get cancer in the near future, decline the treatment on the grounds that God says it is your time and will be waiting for you in heaven. If you truly believe, you will allow yourself to go without treatment. Do me a favor you prick.
about steven gould...spankdoggie
Aug 11, 2002 8:38 PM
steven gould is the biggest jackass I ever knew.
I got my 4.0 through college with essays tearing his false evolution theories down.

You don't like the thesis, then you must hate God.

Repent, and turn to God.
Homosexuality is evil, and an abomination.
Please disown your father and sister until they repent.

God bless,

yo mamma is the truthAllen az
Aug 11, 2002 8:43 PM
It seems like you people (believers) would rather disprove evolution than to prove creation. Atleast we (atheists) have SOMETHING, (bones, etc.). What do YOU have that proves creation??? Absolutely Nothing.

It saddens me that there are so many stupid people in this world. It's like telling them that 1+1=2, and then they argue that 1+1=3 because that's what everyone else says.

Proof of creation...spankdoggie
Aug 11, 2002 9:35 PM
a bird that flies. a spider. a dolphin. a cheetah. Photosynthesis. The sun. The universe.

The list goes on and on and on. But there exists no evidence that evolution is a fact Lazytrollallen.

Proof of creation...Allen az
Aug 11, 2002 11:34 PM
Sorry, that's not proof. Everything you believe in comes from a book (that's been changed countless times) written over 2000 years ago. Why can't you understand that? Times have changed. Like Lazy said, it was only used as a tool to help control society. Did you not read what I wrote? It's like your mind won't open up. Go back and read it again. I guess it's hard for someone with lower intelligence to understand someone with higher intelligece.

Ok, these are all kind of random thoughts...

Do you not believe in Evolution because your'e ashamed that your ancestors could be apes? That YOU, as a human, must be so much superior? Have you ever seen the way a chimp behaves? It's like watching another human.

Could you please explain to me why you never see pictures of dinosaurs on Noah's ark? Is it because 2000 years ago the writers of the bible did not know that dinosaurs even existed? I think so!!!

Isn't it weird that back then all this weird shit happened? You know, when there was no REAL science. Ever hear about anything now? Why hasn't Jesus come back? Why doesn't Jesus come down from heaven right this very moment and prove to everyone that everything in the bible is true and put an end to this never-ending debate? Oh, I'm sorry I'm not supposed to question what god should do. I'm going to be a good little boy and read my bible.

No wait, Hustler is more fun.

And do you honestly think that the world is a better place with religion? You do understand that most of the world's problems are because of religion, right? Go to bed tonight and pray to your god for world peace. And when you wake up in the morning, turn on CNN so you can listen to a newscaster telling you that 5000 people have died because a guy thought his religion was right. Nice going god.

What's all this "god bless America" bullshit anyway? I never knew god was a U.S. citizen. Like he favors America over other countries or something. Morons. Why don't you idiots say "god bless the world"??? Ever think of that?

Hey, one more thing. What if I said it was morally wrong to be white? Crazy huh. Now what if I said it was morally wrong to be homosexual? You would agree. Why? what's the difference?! I don't know why that idea doesn't register in your mind-that people are born that way.

Oh and I'm Allen, not Lazy. Ask whoever.
You really are stupid...Lazywriter
Aug 12, 2002 5:15 AM
Seriously, you are an idiot. Your argument "a bird that flies. a spider. a dolphin. a cheetah. Photosynthesis. The sun. The universe", IS NOT PROOF as there is no scientific proof of anything related to the existence of God. It is a belief system. Your argument is a classic and "juvenile" teleological argument for God's existence. If you don't know what that means, it says that if you look at the universe with all the animals, trees, mountains, atmoshpheres etc, there "must" be a supreme "designer" who started all of this. No real proof other than the fact that you cannot expain it any other way. Sounds silly if you really think about it.
You would never accept that line of thinking in the real world. Would you take a medication if it weren't thouroughly tested over and over again and just have faith in that it will work? No, you moron, you would not. You would demand objective facts not the scientists belief that it will work.
As an athiest I am not trying to prove God doesn't exist but just state there is no proof that he does. If you want to believe, go ahead. Religion is functional and serves a good purpose for some but you are mindless. Accept it and move on.
lazy, I agree with you on this one ...weiwentg
Aug 11, 2002 2:53 AM
> I will not let a pychologist or psychiatrist get within 200 yards of me...

Stay away from me, foul unbeliever!!! :p
:) n/tspankdoggie
Aug 11, 2002 11:20 AM