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Iron Horse Victory(4 posts)

Iron Horse Victoryjoekm
Aug 9, 2002 5:00 AM
This isn't listed in RoadBikeReview so I'll mention it here. I know the Iron Horse Victory has shown up in this discussion forum a couple of times so perhaps there is some value in opening a thread on it.

I'm getting back into road cycling after a fairly long hiatus so I wanted a more modern bike. I've ridden Panasonic, Peugot, Schwinn, and most recently (puchased new about 13 years ago) a Centurion (aka Diamondback) Accordo.

I wanted to get a more modern machine to get back into riding. I didn't think my back would tolerate an aluminum frame in my price range, I have little knowledge of carbon fibre as a bike frame, and most of the feedback I've gotten on aluminum MMC has not been that good. That left titanium (with the 2.5/3 variety being in my price range) and this new generation of chromolies (foco, Reynolds 853, etc.). After comparing the material properties, I decided upon chromoly. I then investigated 3 possible bikes, The Jamis Eclipse, the Cervelo Prodigy, and the Iron Horse Victory.

While the Eclipse was undoubtably the best of the three bikes, it was too spec'd out for an amateur like myself. Top drawer components are for people who have sufficient experience to know exactly what they want.

The Cervelo also seemed nice. However, to me, it appeared that it was optimized for sprinters or time trialist who wanted a road bike as well.

That left the Iron Horse Victory. Relatively inexpensive (got it for $1250 on the internet), Reynolds 835 frame, full Ultegra drivetrain, and moderately spec'd out. Seemed the best choice for re-entering the sport.

So far, I've got over 100 miles on it (I do an 11.6 mile loop at lunchtime and longer rides on weekends as I can find the time). Climbing and handling are dramatically improved as compared to my old bike. I often find myself over controlling on high speed turns but I'm learning to trust the bike more as I ride it. It is also very smooth and quiet on the road ( I suspect the carbon fork has a lot to do with that).

Manufacturer says the bike weight is 19.6 lbs without pedals. Respectable, although weight is not a primary concern for me since I tend to carry a lot of equipment with me on longer rides anyways. If I want lighter weight, I'll get lighter wheels first.

Overall, I'm happy with the bike. The only complaint I would make is the white leather saddle that came with it. I don't like white saddles for the same reason I don't like white tennis shoes; they don't tend to stay that way.

Anyway, hope this is helpful for anyone looking for a new bike.
some specific questionsdaneil
Aug 9, 2002 5:26 AM
I am one of the people who was posting about the Iron Horse Victory over the past week. What size do you have and how much do you weigh. I'm very interested in purchasing this bike but i'm concerned about flex. I'm planning on racing some local cat 5's next year and would be using this bike to race. I'm 5'6 at about 167-168 (although i'm hoping to get this down to about ~155 by next year). I haven't ridden a steel bike in about 10 years and the only steel bikes around here are older or lower grade Reynolds. (most everything around here is ti/alu/or carbon) Myself I've been riding on a ti mtb for the past 2 years and it was alu before that. Loved the ti, didn't really like the alu (quite harsh), but alas I can't afford a new ti bike. so i'm down to either the Victory or sucking it up and trying another alu bike. Just lookin for ideas. Thanks
some specific questionsjoekm
Aug 9, 2002 5:51 AM
Well, I'm 5'11" and weigh about 196 lbs (was more like 165 when I rode before). I ride a 54cm frame (Iron Horse frames are measured center to center). I find that the bike climbs very nice out of the saddle and feels stiff to me. I don't really ride aluminum frames so I can't really compare. If you like Ti over aluminum, you'll probably like Reynolds 853. If you can test ride one first however, that would be best.
some specific questionstaar44
Aug 9, 2002 5:56 AM
I also own a Victory. So far, i have put 350 trouble free miles on it. To me the bike is a dream to ride. I am 6'2, 185lbs and my bike size is 60cm. I have not noticed any flex but also in the same statement, i have not participated in any races (except one triathlon where i really was not "racing"). I wholeheartedly recommend the bike. I am also about to fork over $1000 for another bike off E-bay. My choice this time will be an 02 Fuji Marseilles. I am choosing this bike because of general positive reviews and because $1000 for a full Ultegra bike cannot be beat! Goodluck.