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Look sizing advice(6 posts)

Look sizing advicenazgul
Aug 8, 2002 9:21 PM
I have been tempted by some of the online deals on looks (no dealers around here) and am currently thinking about sizes. I am 6'0", 34.25" (87cm) inseam.
I am currently riding a 58 c-t cannondale, 73.5 seat-tube angle, 57.5 toptube, 110 stem.
I like the cannondale, but I have close to 4 inches drop from saddle to top of bar, so I could also ride a 60 with a shorter stem.
I was looking at the geometry charts for the kg381i and kg361. The 381 in a 58 c-c has a 57.4 toptube with 72.5 seatangle. Thus, I think it might fit me well. Unfortunately the chart doesn't provide standover. I was also looking at the 361 (more in my price range) and it seems like the toptube runs even shorter than on the 381. What doesn't make sense to me is that a 58 c-c has a 56.3 toptube, but a 57 c-c has a 56.8?
Anyways, I would appreciate suggestions on the matter by the look fans on this board.
re: Look sizing adviceS-U-B
Aug 8, 2002 11:09 PM
I have a 55 cm KG 381i with a 10 cm stem that fits well. My other bike is a 56 cm GT ZR 2.0 with a 110 stem. There is no real difference in standover height and I dont think that will be a concern for you as long as the top tube/Stem is ok. The Looks tend to run a little bigger but I have never ridden a Cannondale so it is hard for me to make a comparison. I will say that I have no more bike envy, I love my 381. Hope this helps.
re: Look sizing advicerob45
Aug 9, 2002 6:15 AM
I had a look and now ride a caad5. The amount of drop on your cannondale doesn't seem too much (I'm 6'2" 35"inseam) and chose a 58caad5 over a 60 (with a 130 stem). A 58 look should fit fine. Since it's c-c, it will be a bit smaller than the cannondale, but you'd want that in a carbon frame. Toptubes are definitely shorter on the looks, particularly the lower models. You can make this up with a longer stem (since you only have a 110 stem on your cannondale you have a lot of room for more stem, as most pros on the looks ride with a smaller frame and a 130or so stem). Standover height will be less, since the cannondale BBs are higher.

I'm guessing you want to try the carbon feel. They are definitely like cadillacs over the road, but a caad6 frame would be lighter and stiffer.
re: Look sizing advicenazgul
Aug 9, 2002 8:03 AM
Don't you mean to say that since the look is 58 c-c (or approx 60 c-t) it should be a bit larger than the 58 c-t cannondale?
And yes, I want to try carbon, but I'll keep my beloved cannondale for racing and fast group rides.
re: Look sizing adviceET
Aug 9, 2002 7:12 AM
Don't ignore the seat tube angle. You didn't say where you are on the rails of your current ride, but switching from a 73.5 STA to a 72.5 STA will necessitate your moving the seat forward by around 1.5 cm (I'm too lazy to figure it out exactly) to get back to the same effective seat position. So it would effectively shorten your top tube by that much, as well as possibly cause you to run out of rail.
BTW, for your height and frame size, the 110 stem is already smallish, so coming down yet further is not ideal if you have a better option.

Can give you a real close guess on standover. Given seat tube (as measured by c-t of top tube), STA, and bottom bracket height (BBH),

Standover = [ST x sin (STA)] + BBH

Using the standard approx of c-c + 1.5 = c-t, and assume the BBH is 26.7 (this should be real close), for that 58 c-c bike, we get

[59.5 x sin(72.5)] + 26.7 = 83.4
re: Look sizing advicenazgul
Aug 9, 2002 8:08 AM
I think I should be fine as far as saddle position is concerned. I currently have a thomson seatpost with no setback and my saddle is clamped near the front of the rails, so moving it forward should not be a problem. The effectively shorter toptube on the 381 would mean that I would go to a 120mm stem. On the 361 I would probably have to go for a 130mm.