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perhaps the worst example of cycling art (?)(8 posts)

perhaps the worst example of cycling art (?)Spirito
Aug 8, 2002 8:03 PM
something tells me that this artist was more inspired by beavis and butthead than cycling and i know he/she wasnt paying attention to details:- it must be hard to generate any torque with those cranks and whats with them bars? (they are probably on back-order at Rivendell)

its just plain tacky and im struggling to find a redeaming feature ... well, actually it could have been worse ....... (you work it out)

Aug 8, 2002 8:39 PM
I have a question. Why do you always post pictures? Do you just go to Google and do an image search, type in stupid stuff like "naked girl on bike" and then post it here? It's just a freakin' sculpture.

Spirito, do NOT post Trollgirl's picture! Please don't! (nm)gogene
Aug 8, 2002 9:11 PM
blah blah blah blah ..... errr sorry, perhaps i should answerSpirito
Aug 8, 2002 10:05 PM
i first thought to post something along the lines of

>> what do you care as not only do you admit to being a troll, post infrequently anyway, are perhaps a poorly executed handle switch, and so bored that it seems like some issue for you to avenge<<


>> whatever floats your boat but if ya got gas blow it out your ass - coz im not hearing ya baby<<

... but then thought that perhaps (and very slightly at that) you may have genuinely sought a response in answer to your question(?).

""Why do you always post pictures?""

well .... im visually motivated/inspired/inclined and most people are as well. whats a world without images? rough #'s are that the average person is subjected to 3,000+ images per day so forgive me if my one came as 3,001 and put you beyond your quota.

my means of income comes by way of images so i spend a lot of time looking at them particularly if they have an artistic inclination. good, bad, ugly and beautiful - but they all get clocked somewhere in the spirito grey matter.

i dont think it is some crime now to post an image here as a way of expression and from what i see. if i think an image is cycling related or appropriate ill post it as its not only suported (featured?) but what makes this site different from others as well as all the more interesting.

is there another way you could suggest that i share the appearance of the sculpture? sometimes words dont translate and i for one would rather that it be shared as even though its bad art its seen by more people.

""Do you just go to Google and do an image search, type in stupid stuff like "naked girl on bike" and then post it here?""

yeah right !!

what is to your disliking? as you pointed out ""It's just a freakin' sculpture"" and i am merely showing an image of art that is related to cycling. if it for some reason gets your knickers in a twist then perhaps you should consider relocating to Kabul.

i posted it as i thought it such a poor piece of art that is seemed funny. perhaps in future you should notify me of when you will be logged in to this site and ill refrain from expressing opinion, sharing a wider world of cycling and failingly have a laugh. how 'bout we split the week up - ill take mon, wed, fri and you can post the other 4 days seeming that you have been offended. failing that i suggest you ignore my posts.

i suppose the cinelli pursuit bike image i posted below not only slipped by google's search engine but also sickened you so much that you could hardly respond it. or were you slow to post a reply to previous pics i have posted here and just feel like generally venting?

all i can suggest, Mindy, is that something does not appeal to you or upsets you then either dont look at it or cry about it to Mork. ill post what i like and you can misconstrue for all i care, coz its just 0's & 1's and no great crime from where i sit.

if i had no other excuse i would be happy to admit that all but 5% of the text posted here is inconsequential and bland to me. im not saying its not important, as that is nowhere close to true, but it just doen't interest >>me<< so i skip through it.

there are many voices here and i suggest you enjoy the ones you like - it makes the site a simpler place.

all cyclists are family - arguing with family just aint cool, acceptance is. i dont need you to like me or my posts and nor do i intend on changing things just to suit you or what you perceive to be appropriate. its not like im farting in an elevator and forcing you to enjoy enjoy it. 1's & 0's baby ... 1's & 0's ...... so what's it to you?

Aug 8, 2002 10:50 PM
Lazywriter (i.e. trollgirl)...

You have just been getting your ass kicked here lately.

Take care,

Keep post-n the pics ... I like them nmPhatMatt
Aug 9, 2002 5:31 AM
looks like a crude electrocution device to me...nmmr_spin
Aug 9, 2002 6:15 AM
"Bevis, you dumb@ass! Where's my bike?"Gregory Taylor
Aug 9, 2002 6:30 AM
Yes, the resemblance to Mr. Butthead is remarkable. What a strange piece. Is she holding a giant IUD?