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NewBee Needs Help(2 posts)

NewBee Needs Helpbigkidz
Aug 8, 2002 5:01 PM
I want to purchase a cross or mountain bike to get started. Just looking to do 100 miles a week to start, maybe two to three times a week, 100% riding on paved roads. A friend is selling his Jamis Diablo 24 spd mountain bike for around $300. What other manufactures and models do you recommend? I have another friend who I will be riding with who purchased a Bianchi Advantage cross bike that also seems very nice. Also, is it better to buy a new bike or a used bike that is now selling for less?

Thanks in advance for help.

re: NewBee Needs Helpgot2ryd
Aug 9, 2002 12:47 AM
mountain bike on road all the time? i would think twice about that one. if youre really going to get into road riding, and truly put in 100 miles or so a week, a road bike or cross bike with 700c wheels is the way to go. the gearing and 700c wheels make all the difference in acceleration and decreased rolling resistance. check out your LBS and ask lots of questions and test ride, test ride, test ride. compare cross bikes to road bikes in the same price range and see whats going to be more comfy for you. remember too that you can have a somewhat upright riding position on a road bike if you wish (if that is what is steering you towards a cross/mtn bike.) good luck and have fun in your search.