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insighful review of surly cross-check from rbr reviews...(4 posts)

insighful review of surly cross-check from rbr reviews...JS Haiku Shop
Aug 8, 2002 11:34 AM
thought the board might enjoy. think this guy is a poet. pure poet.


Review Date
July 26, 2001

Overall Rating
5 of 5

Value Rating
5 of 5

Used product for
3 months

Rate this review?
5 Highest 4 3 2 1 Lowest

Reviewed by: Ed Nature, from San Fran

Price Paid: $800

Favorite Ride:
block-long wheelies

Bike Setup:
Stock cheap set-up: Sora drivetrain, bo-bo wheels, Salsa short 'n shallow bars, Dimension post and stem ...but things are gonna change, I can feel it. I'll start with some nice, crispy, hand-built wheels when these are all wore-out

The product is dope. When the riding-to-work crowd starts to get a little aggro, I wax them with the big gears and take it to the sidewalks when necessary. Up, over and around. Guess who's out front by the next stoplight? (That's if I stop.) I once used this bike to pull a Honda Civic out of a ditch. The Cross Check is truly versatile: with footpegs and a gyro it's ready for your local skatepark. Buying a similar-priced cross-bike is not a good idea. I like this bike a lot.

Very nimble. Even the low-end parts setup (about $800 total) is respectable. Frame is worth more it costs. Certainly worthy of almost any upgrades you'd ever want to make. Steel frame is forgiving when something must be forgiven; otherwise, sufficiently mean. A week of riding my Surly convinced me to turn in my old Canondale at the Golden Goat Recycling Center --$.96 a pound for the frame and I got to keep all of the parts. I used the money to buy beer for next ride.

Baby-poop green aint a good color. And there's nowhere to put a winch or KC lights.

Similar Products Used:
long-handled pick-axe, tricked-out Mongoose BMX cruiser named Louise, numerous Cannondales that were set up for road and cross riding, test rode Jake the Fake
I love it...Len J
Aug 8, 2002 11:44 AM
Best line was "Baby-poop green aint a good color." LOL

here's another gem in the roughJS Haiku Shop
Aug 8, 2002 11:53 AM
Reviewed by: The Messassin , from Salida, Colorado, USA


Favorite Ride:
Direct Dial, Monarch Crest

Bike Setup:
Handbuilt STX/Revolution/Mavic Open Pro wheels with Nanoraptor 700c tires. GoFast Riser bar. XT Rear Derailler and STI 8spd Levers, SunRace 8sp cassette, Bontrager FS+10 saddle (never leave home without the Bontalounger), 1988 DuraAce 39x53 cranks (hurt me baby!), Avid Single digit brakes (why weigh more?), platform pedals, original bolt on Lemond aero bars.

I custom built this freak machine to wreck terrible vengance upon the MBAA race series in Arizona (not your toughest mtb courses). Hence the 2.0 tires and riser/aero bar. Turns out though that this bike is so comfortable and versatile that I use it for everything, including commuting, road racing, roller training, rallying, singlespeeding (when rocks eat my deraillers), cyclocross, and trailriding. This bike is fully capable of taking on anything you throw at it. Fully rigid, amazingly smooth, and when you get on top of the 53t ring, it will hand out the beat down on bike cops and freeriders alike. All this for a relative pittance. You'll get so much use out of this bike, you really can't afford not to get one, and it will last forever. A true renaissance ride for the crusty among us.

Cheap, strong, light, perfect steel.
Lovely institutional green colour
1 1/8 steerer
bomber seatclamp, tire clearance, singlespeed ready

Does not come with beercan holders or viking helmet

Similar Products Used:
Troy-Bilt roto-tiller, methamphetamines
LOL: 'does not come with beercan holders or viking helmet' nmJS Haiku Shop
Aug 8, 2002 11:54 AM