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Cipollini unretires(4 posts)

Cipollini unretiresPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Aug 8, 2002 11:21 AM
On the website:

Cipollini Returns!

Mario Cipollini has "un-retired", approximately 3 weeks after his dramatic announcement that he was leaving the sport. Fuelled partially by the perceived snub he and his Aqua & Sapone team received from the Tour de France when they were not given a wildcard entry, the flamboyant sprinter said that he would retire. However, even then he left the door open for a return, saying that he might change his mind after a few weeks. Apparently he has now done so, and is tentatively scheduled to race the Vuelta and the Worlds. More cynical observers are to be forgiven for commenting that Cipollini is a master at manipulating the media...


I'm glad he's back. I really hope he does well in the Vuelta and wins Worlds this year. Its sad that the best sprinter in Tour history hasn't been able to go for the past 2 years. And although new sprinters are stepping up overtaking even Zabel it just isn't the same because we never knew what Cipollini coulda done.

Greta Garbo returns to the peloton...Djudd
Aug 8, 2002 12:21 PM
He should just admit he doesn't want to ride the TdF. Stop with all the drama. It is too transparent.
Hey Nick, I'll tell you what Cipo would have done: rode the first week and faked out of the rest, never to ride down the Champs'Elysees in the green jersey
that's the real reason he isn't therecyclopathic
Aug 8, 2002 12:55 PM
French div 2 teams hunt for first week stages. If Cipo were there they wouldn't stay a chance, he'd grab them clean.

Now with french winning no stages, what would LeBlanc do? Loose money? have easy time to justify inviting more french teams?
Greta Garbo returns to the peloton...schimanski
Aug 9, 2002 10:31 AM
Yeah, it's better to have Kirsipuu (AG2R) in TdF because at least he always tells us he's not going to finish and that he'll quit once the mountains arrive in the horizon... and every single time he's done it too. Big difference, huh?