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Anyone here ride with osteoporosis?(5 posts)

Anyone here ride with osteoporosis?Tig
Aug 8, 2002 10:22 AM
My wife is a nurse and her clinic needed a few volunteers to help them test their new bone mineral density system (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry). After suffering arthritic pain for the last 6+ years, we decided it would be good to let them check me out.

The bad news is I have an alarmingly low BMA in my lumbar and hips. I'm 39, but some of my bones are diminished to be equal to that of a 70 year old man of similar size. This means I could easily break bones in a crash, risking paralysis. The cause is yet to be determined and testing will have to wait until I have medical insurance again. I'll be upping my calcium (and vitamin D) intake to insure I'm getting 1400 mg per day, as well as lower my caffeine. Osteoporosis is not reversible, but manageable with weight bearing exercise, diet, and perhaps Fosamax.

So, who out there is riding with osteoporosis? What lifestyle and cycling changes have you had to make? I can't imagine giving up cycling! I know I can find a way to still ride and strengthen my bones. I'll have to walk more and perhaps even take up running. My wife is scared that I'll get injured seriously out riding on the road. Racing looks to be a thing of the past. :-(

For you medical types, my Z-Score total for L1-L4 is -2.7, and -2.0 for each hip. My only obvious risk factors are being white and small framed, so I must have been suffering from a condition or disease over the last few years that is causing the low calcium condition. Detection and control of the cause is the next step.

No, but I ride with Sal Minella and Hal Atosis:)Lazywriter
Aug 8, 2002 2:15 PM
I <i>knew</i> I could count on you, Lazy! :-) -nmTig
Aug 8, 2002 3:25 PM
re: Anyone here ride with osteoporosis?hipfx
Aug 8, 2002 6:08 PM
I also have Osteoporosis. It was not discovered until I had a DEXA scan after a complicated hip fracture from falling cycling (hit a patch of black ice). I'm also a General Internist. You certainly can cycle but need to avoid risky situations, for instance bad road/weather conditions. There are obviously riskier things to do and some safer. However what you do need is a medical evauation for secondary causes of osteoporosis. You should have some tests including a serum testosterone level, a serum protein electrophoresis( SPEP) and a test to screen for adrenal corticosteriod excess (usually a 24 urine collection is required). I suggest that you see an Endocrinologist or at the least a good Internist. I'm 47 and have been on Fosamax for a year now. The DEXA will not be repeated for about 3-5 years. I'm planning on having all the metal removed from my hip in October( due to pain). My Orthopedist won't let me ride for 6 months after so I will be on the road again in the spring.
Thank you, and a question.Tig
Aug 8, 2002 7:59 PM
Your excellent 1st person advice is appreciated.

My wife thinks I should also be tested for CAD and Hyperparathyroidism due to the possibility of spilling excess calcium in my blood stream. Of course, some blood work and a 24-hour urinalysis will help point us in the right direction first. Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, and hypotestosterone signs and symptoms don't match up at all, but I'm sure the physician will test for them anyway. I haven't had prolonged exposure medications such as steroids, but I have suffered colon problems (IBS and slight Diverticulosis) for the last 6-8 years.

I'm not asking for any actual diagnosis, but some basic advice or guidance to help in future dealings with doctors.