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Where's Jan now? I'll tell you.(6 posts)

Where's Jan now? I'll tell you.Atombomber
Aug 7, 2002 7:52 PM
Jan Ullrich has been spotted in Whistler BC Canada. Under doctor's orders, he is not to push large gears, so he's been in the western Canadian resort town riding his mountain bike on the huge network of trails for the last 5 weeks or so. His girlfriend had disallowed him to play in the lift accessed DH park until today. He rented a long travel dually and proceeded to show his bike handling skills by clearing some pretty big gap jumps and riding some very technical trails. A freind of one of my friends recognized him in the ticket lineup, and approached him. They spent the day riding together, jumping and going fast. Jan invited his new friends to dinner this evening, and is heading off tomorrow. I guess I should have spent more time on the mountain bike and less on the road bike the last month, or I might have run into him too.
is this true? I'm really gullible nmcyclopathic
Aug 7, 2002 8:06 PM
Aug 7, 2002 8:28 PM
Honest truth. I couldn't even make this up, and I've created some pretty outlandish fiction.
re: Where's Jan now? I'll tell you.aliensporebomb
Aug 7, 2002 8:26 PM

It would be like, Tiger Woods showing up at a local golf course just for fun.

Which is what happened in Minneapolis today actually. See for info on it.
Five weeks?mr_spin
Aug 8, 2002 6:34 AM
A few things are fishy here.

First, I can believe five days, but five weeks?

Second, Jan will never be mistaken for a bike handler. Anyone remember his crash during the 2001 Tour? Or the 1997 Tour, where Riis had to shepard him down the descents? Or the 1998 Tour, where he basically couldn't get down the mountain in the rain and ended up losing 8 minutes?
Aug 8, 2002 8:20 AM
If he never had it early in his career how could he have it now? His riding isn't any different. Let the story says he was doing gaps, blah blah blah on a dh bike.

Although it does make sense he's not allowed to push big gears. Thats what did his knees in.