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Rider who pulled out of his pedal during a sprint in TDF >(11 posts)

Rider who pulled out of his pedal during a sprint in TDF >DY
Aug 7, 2002 1:27 PM
During a sprint in one of the last stages of the TDF, there were 3 guys that were about to sprint, one of the guys pulled his shoe out of the pedal. Does anyone know what type of pedals he was using?

Erik Zabelfz4vgq
Aug 7, 2002 1:35 PM
Two years agopmf1
Aug 8, 2002 3:45 AM
I recall Zabel pulling both feet out of the pedals during a sprint. He was using Time pedals and claimed that some debris got into the cleats. It was amazing that he was able to keep control of his bike after landing on his crotch on the top tube.
Campy Pro-Fit (nm)Mike Prince
Aug 7, 2002 1:55 PM
It wasn't Zabel, I think it was a FDJ rider????????????..nmchopper
Aug 7, 2002 1:59 PM
Jakob Storm Piil, CSC-Tiscalimr_spin
Aug 7, 2002 2:13 PM
Stage 18, won by Thor Hushovd of Credit Agricole
Twas Jacob Piil of CSC - Tiscalimoneyman
Aug 7, 2002 2:16 PM
Tyler's teammate.

I can't forget that!LC
Aug 7, 2002 5:02 PM
It was few days after I pulled out of my pedal in a sprint during a race and when down hard. When it happened on TV, I actually had flashbacks!

Not sure what he was using, I know I was using Look PP296. In my case the nose of the pedal split apart and I pulled out.
So what happened?OffTheBack
Aug 7, 2002 6:20 PM
I didn't see it - did the rider crash or manage to stay up?
So what happened?LC
Aug 7, 2002 8:08 PM
He recovered by riding on his top tube, but he certainly did not win the sprint. I don't think he was going all out yet as he was just starting to stand. He actually started to wobble just before that and it looked like his foot pushed down at an angle.
Look PedalsBacco
Aug 7, 2002 6:35 PM
Look is a sponsor of CSC-Tiscali and provides the frame and fork. From what I have read on the team's bulletin board, they also use Look pedals according to those who follow the team.