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LBS etiquette(9 posts)

LBS etiquetteTommyRides
Aug 7, 2002 11:38 AM
I just purchased a 2001 model bike from my LBS. They were great in sizing, helping, letting me ride whatever..bottom line, very helpful!

I had asked the manufacturer for the spec on the bike to make sure that it was correct, and it turns out the bike was spec'd with Time pedals. My bike had none and I purchased (for $90) a set of LOOKS. I did get a great deal on the no complaints there.

My I go back and confront them on the issue or just let it lie knowing that they'll be working on my bike. I feel slightly slighted and may have swapped pedals's just a matter of principle..

If you bought a car knowing it didn't have a CD player..Dave Hickey
Aug 7, 2002 11:46 AM
and then find out, after the fact, that the dealer took it out, would you demand they put it back in. I'd say no.
You bought the bike for a certain price knowing it didn't have pedals. It is very common for bikes to be sold without pedals. Maybe the reason you got such a good deal on the bike is because the LBS deducted the price of the pedals.
Dave, I disagree... LBS should have sold to spec.spyderman
Aug 7, 2002 10:17 PM
Don't be foolish... If I later found out my new car came with a stereo package that included a cd player, but the dealer told me I had to pay $100 for one, I'd feel like I got taken. Wouldn't you?
The bike was sold to spec.TJeanloz
Aug 8, 2002 4:31 AM
Ever notice at the bottom of the specification page: "all specifications subject to change without notice." The specifications changed without notice, from having pedals to not having pedals. Bianchi dealers will be particularly sensitive to this one, as Bianchi tends to spec whatever they have lying around on bikes. Two bikes of the same model could well have different stems, pedals, seatposts, and seats. Specs aren't set in stone.

On the original topic, if it was clear that the bike you were buying for a negotiated (i.e. not full retail) price was obviously without pedals, then the shop is under no obligation to add something that wasn't part of the deal. If there were pedals on it when you saw it on the showroom floor and negotiated the price, which then dissappeared upon delivery, you have an issue. And, in my opinion, if you had paid full MSRP (which is higher than I've ever seen a bike shop charge), you might have a case.
Everything is negotiatiable.Spoke Wrench
Aug 7, 2002 11:50 AM
You said that you got a great deal so I assume that you negotiated on the price. I assume that you were looking at the bike, without pedals, while the price discussion was going on. It looks to me like you got the bike that you bargined for.
re: LBS etiquetteMasterBlaster
Aug 7, 2002 11:51 AM
I think placing a phone call first to your LBS would be a good call before confronting in person. I am sure if they want your return business they will make it right.
I had a situation last week when I picked up my bike from my LBS and found that the seat was ripped. I placed a call and the owner answered. I explained the situation and I was told I could receive an in store credit for the seat or come in and pick out another seat from their stock. I went in a picked another seat then paid the difference. I will continue to frequent this LBS because they were willing to
work with me. No blame was placed just a resolution. Good luck.
you bought it w/o pedalsctisevn
Aug 7, 2002 11:57 AM
I don't really think you should feel slighted. The bike you bought didnt have pedals. perhaps thats why you got a good deal. thats really fairly common on bikes, especially mountain bikes. the manufacturer may spec one thing but the bike on the floor has another. Happens ALOT with cannondales but usually the situation works out that you get a better part. Id forget about it. If you go back and demand pedals your're jeopardizing your chances for future hook ups.
you bought it w/o pedalsTommyRides
Aug 7, 2002 12:22 PM
I'm pretty much in line with the thinking on this board. I did ask.."the bike doesn't COME with pedals?" and the answer was that most higher end road bikes don't come with pedals. I accepted that. Even if it wasn't exactly true in this case, the salesman may not have known. As mentioned, it was an 01 model..the '02 of the same bike in the catalog DID indeed come WITH pedals and I mentioned that..the reply was..they change year to year.

I bought the bike at about $300 off the original price so I feel as if I was treated fairly. It's just since then, I've had to put about $300 more at the bike to get it fully "accessorized" shoes, PEDALS lol, new helmet, cage, need another cage now, etc..

Anyhow, thanks for the input! This shop has always done on the spot free repairs for me, I'm gonna just let it lie.

Thanks again for all the advice.
re: LBS etiquettegetoffmywheel
Aug 7, 2002 12:01 PM
Although most manufacturers spec w/o the pedals some will put them on but it's a given that it's always a matter of preference. If they gave you a great deal on the bike, that should be taken into consideration. I purchased a Trek Fuel 100 w/o the time pedals and paid extra for them. Then again, I bought the bike for a lower price than mfr suggested retail and sometimes receive other discounts/and or favors from my shop. So, I never mentioned it. If you frequent that shop and they're smart, they will probably give you some favors when needed in the future as well. From the purchase experience you described, sounds like a good shop to have a relationship with. I wouldn't worry about it.