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foot/cleat/shoe problem(5 posts)

foot/cleat/shoe problemzooog
Aug 7, 2002 1:50 AM
I am been developing some discomfort on bottom of right foot when riding. I have tried adjusting the cleat and yet I cannot dial in the correct spot. I am using Ritchey SPD pedals and shimano shoes.The left foot is fine and has never been the problem. My questions are the following.

1. Could th problem be that my right foot( the problem foot) is much stronger than my left.For example, I can dunk a basketball off the right but can barely touch the net with the left.

2. Could it be the pedal. I have always used the Ritchey pedal and found it adequate. Would a look type platform be better. I prefer the SPD syle. $$$ is an issue. I don't want to spend money on changing pedals if I do not have to Cannot afford. LBS will not allow a test and try method. Even for a loyal customer.

3. Could it be the shoe. Using an older model Shimano shoe. It fits fine but is 5-6 years old. Do these shoes were out. Do I need a shoe with a stiffer bottom. Again $$$ is an issue.

4. Or should I keep moving the cleat around. So far, 3 moves and no real progress. Pain is not intense but just not comfortable. My right foot feels tender and fatigued after a ride. And old Left foot feels perfect.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
You need new shoes. nm.Slip Stream
Aug 7, 2002 4:17 AM
shoes do wear outTomS
Aug 7, 2002 6:34 AM
The soles will lose their stiffness over time, even if there's no visible damage. If they've really been used for 5-6 years it might be time to look into a new pair!

Or if you really want to keep the shoes, maybe try a replacement footbed, like petersen's or superfeet?
What size do you wear?onespeed
Aug 7, 2002 7:57 AM
I actually have quite a few half used pairs in the closet doing nothing. I should have thrown them out, but thought they would be good in an emergency. The collection is only getting bigger.

I wear size 44 or 9 1/2 or 10. If this will work for you, you can have them all.
Thanks guyszooog
Aug 7, 2002 4:16 PM
wear size 9. Will try new pair of shoes. Afterall, five years is alot of miles. Thanks for the advice.