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Koobi AU Chrono... couple of questions(3 posts)

Koobi AU Chrono... couple of questionsMVN
Aug 6, 2002 8:57 PM
I got the AU Chrono from Koobi last week and have ridden it 3 times. I'm still playing with the set-up and following their directions for getting used to it. Previously I'd been having plumbing problems related to the Spec. BG Sport saddle. The Koobi feels fantastic in terms of no perineal pressure, but my sit bones are still not used to the saddle. The top is leather and very firm, but I was told it will break in with several rides. One question I have is this; There is stitching on the bottom lip of the wings of the saddle (albeit flat) that sometimes irritates the bottom of my cheeks. However, this only happened when I wore my Voler bibs which have thinner material than my other bibs. Any of you Koobi owners ever had this problem with the stitching? My other question is; Do you ever get used to the firmness of the saddle? I know it's only been 3 rides, but by about mile 17 my bones are screaming. My rides range from 10 miles to 30 miles. I want to do longer distances, but I don't know if my poor sit bones can take it. By the way, my fit on the bike has been checked out and set up by my LBS owner and previously felt fine with the exception of the Spec. BG saddle on long rides. He did tell me at one point to try lowering my seatpost to try and alleviate the pain and pressure in the perineal area. After much thought I decided against it because when my seat is lower my left knee has some pain. Instead I decided to start searching for the perfect saddle. Any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks.
re: Koobi AU Chrono... couple of questionsgogene
Aug 6, 2002 9:34 PM
You might try going on Kobi's website. There is a saddle firmness comparison. I have a Koobi Silver, very similar to the Chrono except 1 step less firm. Koobi told me there was a break-in period and there was. It took a hundred miles or so but now I use the Silver for my long-distance rides, centuries etc. Will your dealer take your Chrono back and swap it out for something different? If so, you might try the Silver. It's very comfortable now,and zero problems with the boys.
re: Koobi AU Chrono... couple of questionsgot2ryd
Aug 7, 2002 2:11 AM
i ride a koobi au and love it. have about 4000 miles on it and it did get softer. the stitching has not bothered me and before this season, i was wearing some pretty cheap performance shorts. i agree with you, dont lower saddle. you need to have propper leg extension. i would maybe invest in, or wear your better padded shorts til it softens up a bit. or, doesnt koobi offer a 30 day money back garuntee? trade it in for a softer model. one question, is the saddle level with TT or is the nose tilted up or down? have you played with that adjustment very, very slightly? good luck.