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Need to lose weight - what is best cycling regimen?(22 posts)

Need to lose weight - what is best cycling regimen?Fez
Aug 6, 2002 7:26 AM
Short term goal is to continue to get a good aerobic workout and drop about 15 lbs. No race training.

Is a daily ride of 70-75% of max HR for 30 miles so at 95rpm a good starting point? On my off day I do yoga and some other stretching exercises. Should I still include interval workouts, sprints and hills? I'd like to drop the excess pounds first and then build my strength back up.
re: Need to lose weight - what is best cycling regimen?Me Dot Org
Aug 6, 2002 7:49 AM
First of all, you don't say your age & weight. Make sure you start a regimen that is appropriate for you.

I would recommend a good cycling book: Joe Friel's 'The Cyclist's Training Bible'

...though there are many other good books out there.

But a 'daily ride'? No. You need recovery days, and you should vary your schedule. Short, hard rides and interval training interspersed with long rides and recovery days.

Best of luck!
re: Need to lose weight - what is best cycling regimen?Fez
Aug 6, 2002 8:04 AM
age = 30. weight = 160, but ideally should be about 145. when i used to do interval training and sprints, i never could drop any weight, despite watching my diet and being at least 5-10lbs heavier than i wanted to be.
re: LDScyclopathic
Aug 6, 2002 9:14 AM
long distance slow miles at 70% of LTHR (60% of Max). Riding every day should work, though given same mileage fewer longer rides would be more effective. 150mi in one shot would burn more fat then five 30-milers. Keep watching what your eat and try to exclude sugar rich foods good luck.
Why would one 150-milerscottfree
Aug 6, 2002 10:41 AM
burn more fat than five 30-milers? Not doubting you, just interested in the physiology.
Aug 6, 2002 11:01 AM
is limited, you pack 2,000-8,000Cal. When you use it up the only fuel left is fat. You bonk at that point and ride slow, but you burn more fat per mile.

The second reason it takes time for "fat burning" metabolism to kick in, somewhere from 1/2 to 2 hours depending on physiology, training, temperature etc. Riding slower at beginning and w/o stops usually yields faster avg on 130-200mi rides, that was my experience.
I disagreeAlex-in-Evanston
Aug 6, 2002 8:27 AM
I think recovery days interspersed between days of maximum exertion are good for building fitness and speed, but not the right program for weight loss.

For pure calorie burning, 30 miles a day at 70-80% max heart rate is a fine schedule. That's a 1,200 calorie ride (very, very rough estimate). At 160 pounds, you just increased your recommended daily intake by 50%. If you can maintain your current eating habits, you will lose about 2.5 pounds per week.

Like I said, these are rough.

There is an article in the latest Bicycling.....gogene
Aug 6, 2002 7:57 AM
.about "bonk" training for weight loss. It's pretty interesting.
There is an article in the latest Bicycling.....Fez
Aug 6, 2002 8:01 AM
i saw it. that guy was a motocross racer and not a competitive cyclist, however.
nah this is a different articledaneil
Aug 6, 2002 8:55 AM
same magazine/different article.
I tried bonkingwink
Aug 6, 2002 5:50 PM
Road 25 miles (avg speed of 17.2 mph), 5 times per week for five months, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach after two big cups of coffee, actually gained 18 lbs. Felt good though!
Remember: 1 lb per week = 54 lbs per year !Maartin
Aug 7, 2002 5:34 AM
what calender are you using?(nm)rufus
Aug 7, 2002 12:49 PM
Miracle weight loss secret! Eat less, exercise more.cory
Aug 6, 2002 8:06 AM
Jeez, there's been more crap written about this than anything else in the world. Eat a little less and move around a little more.
Sounds like you're doing fine with the exercise, assuming you stick to it. There's an online calorie calculator for cycling at various speeds, based on your body weight. I printed out the chart but can't find the address right now. According to that, if you weigh, say, 175,and you're riding 30 miles in two hours, you'd use between 1100 and 1200 calories a ride. There are about 3600 calories in a pound of fat, so three rides equals a pound IF YOU DON'T CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS. Eat more, you lose more slowly. Eat less, you lose quicker. Have a couple of beers or Cokes after a ride--12-ounce cans, not Big Gulps--and that's 300 calories a day. Throw in a Whopper and fries, and you can cancel the whole ride with one lunch.
Miracle weight loss secret! Eat less, exercise more.scruffyduncan
Aug 6, 2002 8:24 AM
long steady rides.

do 75 miles every sunday, do a couple of twenties in the week, thats 115 miles which is 4000 calories, which is over a pound of fat. 6 weeks you're there
Calorie CalculatorUprwstsdr
Aug 6, 2002 10:53 AM
I was just looking at this yesterday. It is on
Anything you do should work!!Quack
Aug 6, 2002 9:30 AM
It all comes down to calories as you already know. If you can eat fewer calories and still have the energy to do your workouts and live, the weight will come off. I've heard that the longer duration, lower intensity rides target fat stores better than high intensity workouts but I'm no expert in that area. Very few of my rides are longer than 1 hour and they are fairly high intensity and I can still drop weoght just by diet alone.

What has worked for me better than anything else is eliminating the non-essential calories in my diet. If I lay off the desserts, fried foods, beef, and snacks between meals, I will drop 1-1.5 pounds per week until I level off around 140 lbs. If you find that your weight plateaus at a certain point and you still don't have the washboard abs, you may either have to eat less or do more or both.

I wouldn't avoid strength building exercises for fear of gaining weight. Unless you're going to be racing in the Tour, more muscle is always better in my book. No matter where it is. I always judge ideal weight based on how I look in the mirror rather than the scale. A lean proportioned body is much more impressive than weighing less on a scale.

Good luck!
I don't know.MXL02
Aug 6, 2002 12:34 PM
Really, I don't think a certain cycling regimen is the key. The biggest problem is not to overeat when you are burning 10000 -12000 extra calories/ week. I don't have the answer for that one.
Long rides, not fast ridesDavidS
Aug 6, 2002 3:26 PM
It has been my experience that long rides at moderate pace have made by far the most difference for me. Faster training rides work initially, but for me the last 15-20 pounds of extra weight only came off when I started consistently riding 60-70 miles on Saturday. I lost weight fast, real fast.

It seemed to me that I actually lost weight all week when I did that. I can also say this about "bonk" training...don't try it if you are going far from home. The most miserable 20 miles I ever spent on a bike were coming home, exhausted, starving, without ANY energy at all. I almost called my wife to come get me!

Have fun and good luck.

-David S.
Aug 7, 2002 7:20 AM
I started laughing to myself as I read this one. Several years ago when I thought I was in pretty good shape, I decided to do a century from home in the middle of the summer. At about the 80-85 mile point I was bonking and hot and said to heck with it and did call my wife to come pick me up. Don't really recommend riding to acquire the bonk, ain't fun.
also protein intakecyclopathic
Aug 6, 2002 4:09 PM
to burn fat body needs aminoacids which body doesn't store much and can only get by breaking down muscle tissue. Make sure you take enough protein. On long rides I take McDonalds' drive through and get $1 burger specials. Other good source for aminoacids is chicken broth and some sport drinks like Cytomax or Sustain energy (tastes awful).
what is best cycling regimen?EricBH
Aug 7, 2002 4:02 AM
I've lost 60 lbs in three years. Down to 170 and 7% bf down from 230 .

I have found the best way is to lose it in the off season. During the season I'm pretty much just cycling only and your body gets used to that pretty quickly if you've biked alot in the past. Also, I don't want to starve myself so, I can recover better / bike more. During the winter to lose weight the best thing is varying the routine. I x-country ski, lift weights 3X per week, run, bike inside and out. Mixing it up and building some muscle burns the fat more quickly / efficiently.