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Scene nine: In the clearing stands a boxer....(8 posts)

Scene nine: In the clearing stands a boxer....rwbadley
Aug 6, 2002 7:11 AM
He was a fighter by his trade. He carried the reminder, of every...

"Are you Pedaling??"

Laura's reverie was broken by Kirk, her new beau. She had been thinking back to when she had been going out with another man. A man who had been severely maimed in a bike accident. They had never been able to determine what had happened, or whose fault it may have been. She had her suspicions. He had gone for a ride with his buddy, Lazy Rider, and some misfortune had occured. He had been out for a ride on one of the local MUTs, when disaster had...

"Dammit Scotty, I need more POWER"

"I'm a Doctor, not a magician!" Laura screamed.

Kirk, her new boyfriend, was a bit strange. They had been dating for less than a week, and he had been taking her for rides on the tandem bicycle nearly every day. She was starting to feel like he may have been just using her. Laura had been a weightlifter in college, and knew she had the strongest legs in the valley. He never seemed able to remember her name. As a psychologist, she...

"Shut your festering gob, you twit! Pedal!"

"I'm giving all I can Captain, you know we can't continue at this pace, the chain, you know she's gettin' ready to blow!"

Kirk was on a mission. 'A mission from God' He liked to say. He had built up the Tandem for one thing only. Speed. He equipped her with a 74 tooth front 'ring. An 11 tooth rear cog. And they were heading down into Death Valley at 66 mph. He knew the record could be broken. But How? He needed more power from the broad behind him.

He knew if only he could get her to concentrate and pedal. She had problems. Some ex stud she had been with had hit the deck, hard. She just couldn't stay focused. HIS goal was Eighty miles an hour. Got to put those gams to work. Trouble was, Laura thought she was a Doctor. She really just had an early morning radio show in the two bit town on the other side of the line.

At that moment.....
Slow day at work? nmJuanmoretime
Aug 6, 2002 7:49 AM
Pretty damned funny! (nm)gogene
Aug 6, 2002 7:59 AM
At that moment.....ishmael
Aug 6, 2002 8:41 AM
There was a bang! And she began to feel faint. Was it the nasty doings of Osama Bin Lauden, was she suffering from a gas/chemical/biological weapon of some sort or proportion? She had never even concidered it, or had it been at the back of her mind all along. Her thoughts were of a day to day type, sticking to her studly ex and trying to figure out the captian. He must be using her for her gams, right? She knew she wasnt the sharpest marble, her noodles became over-cooked on simple questions. Where was Istambul? And could I spell God with a lower case g if I wanted to, would it offend anyone? The captain was screaming at her again "wake up! Wake up, you idiot what are you doing?" Laura saw the captain standing over her. She was still in her favorite pink one piece outfit with her new carbon soled carnacs, but she was laying in the sand. And then her body was telling her to go back to sleep, it wasnt nice being awake with the captain. Maybe she would leave him and suffer the sadness of a lonely life again. She imagined how it would be, it wasnt new, she could manage on chat rooms and solitare for a couple more years. but that wasnt an option now, she would atleast have to pedal back to town with him if she wanted to live.
"Oo if only her stud was here" she thought again for the millionth time. And then a sad washed over her loneliness, it happend all the time. It was more painfull but it was something. But then, slowly at first, she wasnt certain if it was true. It was true, slowly a......
Scene 10/12...whatever...Kristin
Aug 6, 2002 8:48 AM
Kristin "M.U.T. Rant - Angel of mercy or messanger of darkness?" 8/6/02 8:19am
Scene X...whatever...mr_spin
Aug 6, 2002 10:25 AM
Almost there...Age before Beauty
Checkpoint: Summary & Cast of CharactersAllisonHayes
Aug 6, 2002 8:57 AM
Links to original thread: Kristin "M.U.T. Rant - Angel of mercy or messanger of darkness?" 8/6/02 8:22am


Female Cyclist - Kristin
Dark Shadowy Figure - Angel of Mercy or Messenger of Darkness (we will find out which)
Spirito as Himself
peleton - the RBR riders
Scientest 1
Scientest 2
Scientest 3
Scientest 4
Carnival Guy
Boxing Manager
James Fenimore Cooper Jones, Kristin's Father
Dave, the farm hand
Lab Technician
Patrons in Restuarant
Thug 1
Thug 2
John Kennedy
Prince Campagnolo
Russell Crowe as himself

i Someone needs to tie these characters & events together. What is the destiny of the boxer & the female cyclist and what role does the shadowy character play? Is he an angel of mercy or a messenger of darkness? How will this play out? What trials and tribulations must Kristin and the boxer yet still endure? What ties them together? And what will be the dramatic climax? What is the intrigue of Area 51? How does John Kennedy figure into Area 51? Will there be a scene in Lower Wacker?
You noticed that Kristin astutely avoided Lower Wacker DriveKristin
Aug 6, 2002 9:25 AM
on her way to Dunkin Donoughts at Wells & Madison sometime past midnight. This was not so much due to a keen awareness that Wacker completely disobeys Chicago's grid pattern and would eventually lead her further from her goal, but rather due to the construction baracade's barring her way.