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Trainers(6 posts)

Aug 5, 2002 7:13 PM
I am looking for a very good indoor trainer. Does anybody have any recommendations?
I've looked at the CycleOps Fluid Trainer and other CycleOps. Is anybody familiar with these?


The CycleOps mag or fluid are both good trainers.0_Kewl
Aug 5, 2002 8:53 PM
Are your looking for cardio workout, sprinting, regular cycle traing, rapidly spinning/high cadence etc..? Then go with a trainer they support you and your bike; so you can go all out and not worry about balance and control.

If you're looking for a challenge, then go with rollers. Rollers require that you balance the same way you have to to ride down the road. They are great for teaching you to ride a straight line and for learning how to relax your upper body and they make the time pass because you're preoccupied with staying on and remaining smooth. Remember just like riding for reals outdoors, if your attention wonders you'll steer right off the rollers and fall over.
I have the Cycle Ops fluid trainer.spankdoggie
Aug 5, 2002 9:19 PM
It is summer, and it is in the closet, but it is an awesome trainer. Really great; quiet.

A few hundred bucks, but you feel like a million when you train on it. Get it. I think I have the Ops plus. It is in the closet so I am not sure...

You can't go wrong with it.

re: TrainersElefantino
Aug 6, 2002 3:32 AM
You're wasting your money on a CycleOps. I know. I've owned one. I've also owned Blackburn, Minoura and Elite trainers. You're wasting your money on those, too, IMNSHO.

Do yourself a favor. Read the reviews on this site. Look at the trainers that are similarly priced to the CycleOps. Your decision will be made for you. It was for me.

Cycleops Fluid 2- my experiencesBecky
Aug 6, 2002 5:08 AM
My husband and I have a Cycleops Fluid 2. Initially, it was very good- quiet with more than enough resistance. After a couple of months, it began making a groaning squeak (the best description I can think of) with every pedal stroke once it was warmed up (about 10 minutes of riding). I still don't know what's wrong with it and Cycleops customer service assures me that nothing is wrong with it. However, for $300, I'm not putting up with that noise. I certainly wouldn't buy another one, but I am interested in any suggestion regardings the noise.
re: Trainersraboboy
Aug 6, 2002 8:18 AM
i bought a cyclops fluid2 last october, my wife & i used it all winter (almost daily use between the 2 of us) and it was a great workout. It was quiet and provided plenty of resistance.