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Pariba tyres? Anyone got info on these beauties?(3 posts)

Pariba tyres? Anyone got info on these beauties?Ahimsa
Aug 5, 2002 3:45 PM

I know they were a division (?) of Vredestein or something. I can find little trace of them on the net save a few ads and links to broken or unavailable pages. Nothing on the Vredestein site (USA or Holland).

Any clues, kids?

A. (Natural gum tires.....ooooooooh!)
re: Pariba tyres? Anyone got info on these beauties?alansutton
Aug 5, 2002 4:06 PM
I've used the Pro Evolutions. Picked them up for $30 a set. I can't recommend these tires. They wear extremely fast, I rotated them front to back several times to even the wear and got less than 1000 miles before the cords were starting to show. Tons of slices and much more puncture flats than usual. They do stick well in the corners, but so do the Vredestein Fortezza which last about 3x longer and have much less punctures. They weigh more than advertised (+20g), but then again so do most other tires. I really wanted to like these tires, they look quality and at $30/set seem like a real bargain compared to other brands. However, I wouldn't use them again. Maybe at $10/set I'll put up with them.
re: Pariba tyres? Anyone got info on these beauties?jw25
Aug 6, 2002 10:30 AM
I've got and used a set of Pro-Criteriums, which are a lighter version of the Nashbar specials (Performance has the Pro-Evolution, I think, at 3 for $80 or so. Those have a carbon/kevlar reinforced casing with black smooth tread, and might be more durable).
The Pro-crits use a very light and supple casing with tan rubber tread, molded with a light herringbone tread. I've ridden them twice, for a total of maybe 120 miles, and like the feel quite a bit - the casing is very supple. I haven't ridden tubies, so I can't compare, but even at 130 psi, the Paribas were smooth.
They're awfully light, though, so I took them off to save them for racing. There's no noticeable tread wear, but 120 miles isn't that far.
I did notice the beads seem larger than other manufacturers, so much so that 1 set of wheels won't accept them at all. My Mavic Cosmics seem slightly undersized, and trying to seat the tires caused me to lose all confidence in them. I've got them mounted to CXP-33's right now, and they're loose but not dangerous. The Cosmics are 1995/96 manufacture, though, so newer wheels might be better.
So, not bad tires, but probably best used for racing only, and might not fit all rims.