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Soap opera in my garage(3 posts)

Soap opera in my garageTomS
Aug 5, 2002 12:23 PM
I knew my mountain bike was getting a little jealous this year since I've been spending all my time on my roadbike. Each time I walked into the garage and pulled the roadbike off it's hook, poor mtn bike would quietly sigh and watch me ride off. It even got to the point where I wouldn't bother hanging up the roadbike, since I knew I'd be riding it the next day.

"You know I'll be back to you in the fall," I said, and gave it's chain a good cleaning even though the few times I rode it this summer didn't really get it that dirty.

It watched longingly as I went for yet another road ride on saturday morning, and I think something finally got to me. I just wasn't "feeling it", even after I got warmed up, and for some reason I thought about how refreshing a mountain bike ride would be. So I cut my road ride short, and when I got home I told my mtn bike to get ready, we were going out tomorrow morning!

Sunday morning came along, and as promised I hung up the road bike and pulled the mtn bike off it's hook - gave it some fresh lube, and tossed it in the car. The roadbike wasn't happy at this turn of events, and tried to trip me more than once before I hung it up to keep it out of trouble. It's fun, fast, and sleek; but can be quite petty at times.

We drove out to the trails (I know, I know, but it's a little far to ride on knobbies!) and I had a blast - flying through rolling singletrack, clearing some rocky areas that sometimes give me trouble, and even making it up some steep tight switchbacks that I used to need to walk. All the time on the roadbike really did make me stronger, and made the mtn bike just that much more fun! Got back to the car extra sweaty, but happy.

I felt great the rest of the day, definitely refreshed. But for some reason I felt that the saga wasn't over... sure enough, this morning my arms and shoulders were so sore that I didn't even want to get on the road bike to ride to work. I just *knew* there was a hidden agenda there!!!

So I carpooled with my wife instead and left both bikes home to fight things out themselves. Hopefully there won't be too much carnage when I get back!

And yes, it's been a slow day...
You keep that upSpoke Wrench
Aug 5, 2002 12:28 PM
and one day you'll come home to find a whole litter of hybred bikes that you'll have to somehow get rid of.
anthropomorphic psychosis :-) nmDougSloan
Aug 5, 2002 12:52 PM