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Creaks and squeaks(1 post)

Creaks and squeaksJohn445
Aug 5, 2002 11:37 AM
I was told after riding my 5500 for 9 years that age may bring on creaks. At this time I had been hunting an annoying creak for 1 year. I checked; pedals, bottom bracket, crankbolts, changed chain and cassette, finally thought, "oh well, everyone/thing must get old".

I went shopping and ended up with a Specialized Sworks e5 festina bike. Aluminum, to avoid the creaks later in life. Within 500 miles my creak was back. What now, only the shoes and pedals were the same. I bought new pedals, campy record pro-fit. Within 250 miles my creak was back. I tightened the cleats, the pedals, oiled everything. 500 miles creak back. I bought new shoes, creak continued.

Finally, this week I checked the crank bolts and chainring bolts on my new bike. They seemed a little loose, so I tightned everything a half turn. Low and behold my creak has disapeared. 3,000.00 US dollars later my creak is gone.

This was by far the most expensive creak I have every attacked. Ahhh, maybe I needed the new bike anyway. Now that the ride is quiet I really like the bike.

The moral of this story is always make a written list of the order in which you will check mechanics for a creak then attack that list in reverse order.