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boring!!!!!!(10 posts)

Aug 5, 2002 8:19 AM
ok, i may get flamed for this, but did all of those people complaing about how boring the tour was see the nyc race yesterday? talk about dull. watching a criterium on tv(and i don't know, maybe in person as well) has to be cycling's equivalent of nascar.

man, the worst stage of the tour had it all over that race.
Have you been to a crit? I love it!morrison
Aug 5, 2002 8:27 AM
Like any other sport, though, you have to understand it before you can really appreciate it. It's fun to watch the tactics and the teamwork. And the speeds are incredible. Every time I see a professional race, whether it's a crit, a track race, a stage race, in-person, on tv, etc., I am humbled.
Have you been to a crit? I love it!rufus
Aug 5, 2002 8:28 AM
i've only seen one in person, and yes, that was a fun event to see. but it just doesn't translate too well to tv.
Musta watched a different race than I did.Ahimsa
Aug 5, 2002 8:30 AM
Granted, the "middle" of the crit was less than thrilling...

However, I think that the initial shot off the front by the seven riders, followed by the possibility of them lapping the pack and creating a major strategy game of it, coupled with the ultimate reeling in and undoing of the lead group and a come from behind finish in the last critical moments was VERY exciting.

Tour exciting? No.

But exciting nonetheless.


A. (Just glad to watch cycling on american tele.)
not evendaneil
Aug 5, 2002 8:31 AM
the nyc cycling championships yesterday was my first live race. I have to say it was amazing. my fiancee took me as a birthday present and between the race and the gear exchange afterwards it was one of the best days i've had in a long time, even though she was bored out of her mind and ended up going out to get some lunch and didn't meet back with me till lap 45. got some great pics of lance and antonio, they'll be up hopefully by tonight.
re: boring!!!!!!tmotz
Aug 5, 2002 8:33 AM
I did watch some of the N.Y.C. on OLN.I compared it to the teams on the Tdf that had no chance of winning.Just get out their and get as much attention as possible.If I was LA I would of been concerned about crashing with all those riders .
"Crashing with all those riders"TJeanloz
Aug 5, 2002 8:58 AM
The likelyhood of a crash on that course, with that field, was as slim as it gets. The field was 66 people- less than 1/3 of the Tour field, the road was wide open, and while the casual observer might think that the 65 riders other than Lance were a bunch of nobody peons, they were almost entirely seasoned professionals- most with far more criterium experience than Armstrong. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more experienced riders were concerned that Armstrong would crash them out.

On the original question, I agree, watching a televised crit is about as much fun as watching paint dry. Watching in person is actually very entertaining. Which is exactly the opposite of a mountain stage in the tour.
I loved it!LC
Aug 5, 2002 9:12 AM
The was the first whole race i have ever seen on TV. Usually you just get to see the highlights from races, but that was the whole thing except when they broke for commercials. 3 hours of unedited coverage was probally too much for most people, but since I actually race crits I really enjoyed it! In fact, after watch that race I am scrambling for a way to see Lance live in the San Fran race. I heard him say he would be there in Sept. Anyone know what day that is?
SF Grand Prix is September 15th (nm)velocity
Aug 5, 2002 9:49 AM
Crits are better watchedgrandemamou
Aug 5, 2002 9:39 AM
in person. It was the first time I watched a Crit on TV and I thought it was pretty boring. Some sports don't translate well on television. I think crits are one of them.

The only way to enjoy it is to see it live. The music is blaring and the announcers and fans going crazy. It's alot of fun.