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Denver to Aspen?(5 posts)

Denver to Aspen?sfbuff
Aug 5, 2002 8:05 AM
Anyone do the 200 or 155 mile ride on Sat. I would like to do this ride next summer, any thoughts, general impressions of the ride, route, support, etc. Thanks in advance.

Aug 5, 2002 8:30 AM
that's gotta be a really challenging ride. the triple bypass is hard enough for me and thats only 120. if you can do most doubles with ease then you should be ok. LOTS of climbing involved so the 200 would take you most of the day unless you're Lance.
re: Denver to Aspen?Mootsie
Aug 5, 2002 10:43 AM
I did it last year. Its a tough ride, but I recommend doing it. Its 13,000 feet of climbing (for the 200 mile route). Lots of good support, awesome scenery and something you'll never forget. If you can ride the Triple By Pass in 8 hours or less, you can do this ride. I trained like I normally would for the Triple, but added 10% to my long ride each week until I was up doing a 160 mile ride. I did that distance for 2 weeks in a row (about 250 miles total for the week) , took a week off and then rode the D2A. Hardest thing I ever did, but again, its worth it. Good Luck.
re: A few more questions..sfbuff
Aug 5, 2002 11:40 AM
Thanks Mootsie.

I did the TBP in a little over 7 hrs riding time, few short watermellon and PBJ stops, didn't really find it to be all that difficult. Did you feel alone during the D2A given that it is capped at 200 riders? Any problems with traffic on 285/southpark? Would you comment on any wind/weather problems that you encountered. Approx how long did it take you. Thanks

re: A few more questions..Mootsie
Aug 6, 2002 6:08 AM
After the first 5-10 miles the pack really thins out, but at every rest stop you see people and I ended up riding with 3-4 people I met along the way so you are never really alone.
285 is a problem in places especially coming down into Buena Vista. You hit the Saturday tourist crowd and the road at that point doesn't have a shoulder. I really didn't care for that stretch, but its only 10-20 miles of the route.
Weather wasn't a problem in 2001. Wind was variable, sometimes in your face and at times on your back, but nothing to complain about especially if you can join a pace line.
It took me about 14 hours of ride time, plus a little more at the rest stops. I never really pushed it, but I was very tired at the end. Its an epic ride, but takes commitment to train for it. The last month or so before the ride you are putting in a bunch of time on the bike. The way I looked at though was that its a once in a lifetime experience....and the jersey is cool too!