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The good, the bad, the indifferent(1 post)

The good, the bad, the indifferentmoneyman
Aug 5, 2002 7:43 AM
Comments on two rides this weekend, starting with:

The Bad

On a lonely country road, (which describes 90% of Wyoming) I'm going east, two cars going west. Car #2 passes car #1, ends up in my lane coming right at me. Misses me, head on, by about three feet.

On a busy road, I get in the left turn lane to, ironincally, turn left, waiting for the light to turn green. Old guy and his silver haired wife pull up in the lane next to me, the one for vehicles to continue going straight. He stops, turns on his left blinker, and I sit tight. The light turns green, he turns left in front of me and nearly gets T-boned by oncoming traffic. I followed him to see where he had to get to in such a hurry. They stopped at a cafe for breakfast.

The Indifferent

At the tail end of a 33 mile ride, I was going south, another cyclist was going north. He turned around, caught up to me and proceeded to suck my wheel. He never asked or even addressed me. There was a bit of a tailwind, so I was already going about 22 mph. Having read many tales of riders doing this and how others deal with it, I thought I'd just ride him off my wheel. I sped up to about 27 mph, but he stayed right there. Finally, I slowed down figuring he'd just pass by. He pulls up next to me, says "I'm glad I saw you when I did. I was getting pretty tired." Sheesh, not like I wasn't! Then he started talking to me. We exchanged names, pleasantries, riding adventures, and generally had a nice conversation. Indifferent because of this formula: Anger+pleasure=indifference. That may be stretch, but it fits the theme of the post.

The Good

In the first seventeen miles of my ride yesterday, on a lonely coutry road, I saw three, yes three, vehicles. Aside from that, I had the road completely to myself.

If you discount the wind, the cold and the boom-and-bust economy, this is a pretty good place to live and ride a bike.