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lawncare vehicles(3 posts)

lawncare vehiclesET
Aug 5, 2002 7:24 AM
One of the likely ways I will die, second only to natural causes, is getting hit while cycling by a lawncare vehicle. Said vehicle is essentially an old red pickup truck (why is it almost always red?) towing lawn equipment on a hitched carnival-type towing cart complete with mesh walls. (Another question to ponder: why does it seem that 40% of the workforce is doing lawncare for a living?) The reason they're so dangerous is that just when you think the pickup truck (which is all you usually see when you look back or glance in your mirror) has passed and you instinctively move from the side of the road back inwards, there comes the long cart, sometimes swinging wildly from side to side, for which driver has less control and awareness of its position relative to you. When it finally passes, you nearly get plowed into the next world by the vehicle right behind it (often a second lawncare vehicle) you never saw and who never saw you. If you just be super-cautious whenever a red pickup truck approaches, then the lawncare guy insidiously chooses a white pickup. Be careful out there.
re: lawncare vehiclesfirstrax
Aug 5, 2002 7:39 AM
While on the subject of lawn care vehilces, how about the projectiles throw out the discharge chute when rednecks mow the gravel out by the road.
re: lawncare vehiclesEricBH
Aug 5, 2002 7:46 AM
I have been almost taken out by a dump truck trailer in a similar manner. The driver pulls the rig back into my lane while I'm right next to the trailer. Any closer it would have been the ditch or under a pair of axles for me.....

"Another question to ponder: why does it seem that 40% of the workforce is doing lawncare for a living?" I think this can be directly linked to the epidemic of obesity and related health problems.