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Bikers shouldn't be allowed on roads(2 posts)

Bikers shouldn't be allowed on roadsSledge Foot
Aug 4, 2002 12:39 PM
In case this hasn't already been posted here...

Here is a newspaper editorial by someone who doesn't think bikes should be allowed on the road because roads were built for cars.
Unfortunately these views are not unique to the writerms
Aug 4, 2002 2:15 PM
When I took up road cycling two years ago, friends, colleagues and even my own mother expressed views not too far removed from those of the idiot who wrote the editorial. Cyclists, not motorists, were the people who fought for better roads in the early Twentieth Century. The writer forgets that most of us who cycle also own cars and pay all of the auto-related taxes he does. Also, even if a cyclist does not own a car he/she pays income taxes, sales taxes and real property taxes (either directly if one owns real property or indirectly if one rents). Cyclists cause little damage to the roads or to motorists (all the potholes I ride over were not caused bicycles -- when was the last time that a cyclist killed a motorist with his/her bicycle?). I think that it all boils down to people's not liking anything that they perceive deviates from the mainstream -- even thought most of us are pretty mainstream other than our love affair with a two-wheeled vehicle.