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I Don't See the Big Deal About Cyclists Using Drugs . . .(4 posts)

I Don't See the Big Deal About Cyclists Using Drugs . . .SimonRex
Aug 4, 2002 9:28 AM
to enhance performance. These guys are professionals so if they want to jeopardize their health for their jobs that is their choice. How many of you drink lots of coffee to help you work late for instance. That is performance enhancing. How many of you jump start your day with coke in the morning. What about ambien or other meds so you can get a good nights sleep so to be better rested for your job. Is it fair that you get a leg up on your coworkers becasue you do these things?
re: I Don't See the Big Deal About Cyclists Using Drugs . . .94Nole
Aug 4, 2002 9:54 AM
SimonRex, I am somewhat reluctant to even honor your rant with a reply but...

Coffee and the other things you mentioned are not ILLEGAL based on rules of a governing/sanctioning body who are trying their best to (for lack of a better cliche) keep the playing field level to truly determine which competitor is superior. What's wrong with race cars having fuel tanks that are twice as big as the next guy's tank? Or why can't their engines be built with twice the horsepower? Or to use your reasoning, what difference does it make to fuel their cars with higher octane fuels? I mean, after all, they are only endangering their own lives by driving faster than everyone else. Right? That's ridiculous.

Health was not the initial reason for rules. Fairness in competition is the true reason for the rules, not to protect health. Albeit, health related issues have come to light in virtually every case.

I am sure that your post was but merely bait and yes I fell for it,...I hate when that happens. IMHO, your reasoning is totally stupid and irrational.
Are you a troll?filtersweep
Aug 4, 2002 3:34 PM
... I doubt the Enlightenment would have ever occurred without the discovery of caffeine. Europe was in a gigantic alcoholic stupor for centuries prior.

I won't honor your post with a sensible reply:

regarding our friend "simonrex"- just remember:

How do you expect anyone to take you seriously here? I mean no disrespect, but you are completely ignorant of the culture around here, or you are making a deliberate attempt at inciting stupidity and playing games. If you are indeed this ignorant, at least show some willingness to learn. If you are playing games, just go away.
CrapFlood! -nmSnowBlind
Aug 5, 2002 7:03 AM