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My First Century!!!(4 posts)

My First Century!!!bear
Aug 4, 2002 4:31 AM
I did the Princeton century, I flat 100 that turn into 121 miles because I got lost twice! The last 10 miles where really tough and because of that and getting lost my Ave speed was only 13. In some ways a flat century are harder because there is no rest, hammers constantly, no down hill to rest! Funny the only thing that really hurt was and its my hands,,,they feel like they are cramping! I had one of those small trunks on a rack that was a big mistake, it dint really help at all and I could feel the wing beating on it. a bigger seat big would had been OK. the map holder I had was too big (that why I got lost because I removed it), I need one of them home made jobs I guess instead of the $12 crap. I now fell that shorter mod hilly ride around 70 to 80 miles are more fun and shorter, then again getting lost was a real boomer!
re: My First Century!!!TREKY
Aug 4, 2002 8:59 AM
I'm training now for my first century on Aug. 25th.I've completed two 70 milers with the last having to do 36 miles into a headwind.After that ride I questioned whether I really want to do this.I've completed several marathons so training is not new to me.My question to you is was it worth it and would you consider doing it again?
re: My First Century!!!bear
Aug 4, 2002 12:12 PM
With a couple of 70 miles rides under yuor belt you will have mo problems! I dint! and was force to 121 and I had only a couple 60 rides and it was in the 90's and humid ( I am turning 50 in jan) it is something YOU HAVE TO DO! no way around it, I probably wont do it again because of the time its takes and been there done that.PS eat very little solid food! gate types drink and recovery drinks I had with me! I had two hald begals and some grapes and ranges..water is not enough, you most drink accellate, gator or somehting like it.
Eat, drink, and be merryKerry
Aug 4, 2002 4:12 PM
While no one finishes their first century feeling "just fine" the fact that you really slowed down in the last 10 miles suggests that you ran out of fluids or food or both. Congrats on the distance, and next time try to drink more, eat more, and get lots of electrolytes on a hot day.