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Decreasing Stem Length(3 posts)

Decreasing Stem Lengthronniedee
Aug 3, 2002 7:58 PM
While riding, I find myself resting my hands at the back corners of my handlebars, instead of on the hoods. Is this normal? Also, my front hub is not aligned with the stem/handlebar, but is visible behind that point.

Should I shorten my stem? And what would the effects be on the handling and steering (or any other effects)?

Is there a particular brand of stems that is preferred.

I generally do 25-50 mile training rides on a Klein Quantum.

Please help!!! Any insight is appreciated.
re: Decreasing Stem Lengthjtolleson
Aug 3, 2002 8:17 PM
The answer to whether you need a shorter stem is "maybe." The feel of TT length and being overly stretched is a combination of factors; fitness, flexibility, bike fit.

You should get your overall fit evaluated (is your pelvis properly tilted, saddle fore-aft right, back appropriately straight) before merely swapping stems. But ultimately, being able to ride comfortably on the hoods is important in its own right (especially if you want to join a paceline) and even more so if you want to ride the drops.

Keep us posted.
Agree - BUTSpoke Wrench
Aug 4, 2002 6:10 AM
I think that the majority of race-style bikes, like Quantums, come with handlebars that are too low to suit most non-racers. Measure from the tops of your seat and your handlebar to the floor. I'm betting you will have a difference of 3 or 4 inches. That's pretty low for the kind of riding you are talking about.

Take a good look at your stem. If it is roughly parallel to the floor now, try turning it over. That will result in a handlebar position that is a little higher and a little closer than it is now. That's often enough to do the trick.