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Question for Nike Poggio/Hautacam owners...(4 posts)

Question for Nike Poggio/Hautacam owners...5ive
Aug 3, 2002 4:55 PM
I have a couple of questions for Nike shoe owners:

- How's their sizing? I currently wear size 44 Sidi. It fits well but could use roomier toe box.

- Anyone using the shoes with Speedplay pedals? Any problems?

re: Question for Nike Poggio/Hautacam owners...CyclingWolf
Aug 3, 2002 5:07 PM
I use the Poggio (Euro Size 45, USA 11.0) and find them very comfortable. I use them with Look PP396 getting ready to try the new Time Impact Magnesiums soon. The shoe is very stiff and coming from just yur plane jane Shimano SPD shoe and pedal I am a very happy rider.
Question for Merckx565ive
Aug 4, 2002 5:16 PM
I did a search for nike shoes and came up with few threads you've written. I've noticed that you mention how the straps on the Nike shoes tend to cut into the front part of your ankle. I'm already experiencing this with my Sidi Energy shoes. I want to thank for your input. Also, you wrote a good review on Shimano R-150 shoes. How's their sizing compared to Sidi? Thanx.
re: Question for Nike Poggio/Hautacam owners...urwhaturide
Aug 4, 2002 7:05 PM
I've had the opportunity to ride both the Poggio and the Hautacam.
I found the Hautacam's a liitle high in the top buckle/strap with the strap digging into my foot.
The Poggio is much more comfortable and has a roomier toe-box than any Sidi I've ridden (all models up to the Genius 2's). The sizing was the same (for me!) from Sidi to Nike with the difference being more room in the forefoot of the Nike products.
I've become a big fan of carbon soles since switching to the Nikes.
Good luck