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Ride in the NY sun(3 posts)

Ride in the NY sunonespeed
Aug 3, 2002 3:30 PM
So I head out this morning for a good 100 miler with some hills. I am going to do it on my track bike. I figure I will give it one more chance this year. I am feeling great and nailing all the time checks pulling a 20mph pace. I am feeling good, but the sun is taking its toll.

It was 76 when I left at 7am and now it is close to 9:30 and I am sure it is up around 88-90 and getting hotter by the minute. I have been paying close attention to my hrm. It has been hovering between 155-175 the whole time. My hr is always high so this doesnt bother me. Except now the hr is sticking between 160-175. Things are going up with the heat.

I hit a few hills and decide to sit on a climb I usually am out of the saddle for. I knew it was time to take it easy. Except, with one gear and no freewheel there really is no taking it easy. Then I hit a critical hill that leads to the 20 mile loop that will make the full century. I am out of the saddle climbing and pulling on the pedals and the bars to make it up. My legs are screaming, my breath is short, sweat is literally running down my face and I notice that my heart rate is 188. I gut it out and make it to the top just destroyed. I can barely make the pedals move. I recover somewhat and come up on the downhill that leads to the 20 mile loop. Without even thinking, I take the short route and turn the 100 miler into an 80 miler. I take it easy for the next few miles and then get my form back somewhat.

I do the whole 80 miles in 4.5 hours total ride time. I am home by 11:30, just in time for lunch. I take a shower eat and pass out for a few hours. I have never felt so drained.

That sun can nail you.
Aug 3, 2002 5:56 PM
Amazing to me that you rode that distance in that time in this nyc heatwave on a fixie. No wonder you were feckin' knocked out.

Did you go over the GWB or to Westchester or what?
Not Wise...jose_Tex_mex
Aug 3, 2002 9:05 PM
These last few days have just been "wrong" to do any cycling no matter who you are. There's just no air near the road surface. I was coming home from Nyack on Saturday and peaked my HR at 204 - climbing at a whopping 8mph over a hill I normally take out of the saddle at 15mph +.

Until this heat breaks - if anyone needs me I'll be on the mtn bike.

BTW - You don't have a Bianchi with a flat paint job do you?