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Campy and MTB...(3 posts)

Campy and MTB...riney
Aug 3, 2002 2:08 PM
Any theories on why Campy never revisited the MTB market after its poorly recieved Euclid gruppo? Just pondrering. What do you think?
Two things.Leisure
Aug 3, 2002 11:16 PM
First, they probably feel discouraged after their last attempt. Second, their insistance on being incompatible with Shimano with which everything else on the market is compatible. An important part of this includes their move to ten speed, which uses the super-thin chain. People complain enough about how fragile and superfluous Shimano's mountain nine speed is; from the marketing standpoint I imagine Campy sees it as an ideological conflict.
It's too bad, too. I haven't liked most of Shimano's mountain stuff; I've avoided it as much as possible on my current mtb (only have their XTR shifters and cassette, which have been good but still fragile) and it's most of the reason I went with Campy on my road bike. I've really liked Campy's stuff and if it were compatible with what's on my mtb I'd be switching to their shifters/cassette in a heartbeat. I think the mountainbike market today is more receptive than ever to Shimano alternatives, but Campy's insistance on being incompatible with Shimano (and thus everything else on the market) would undermine their success more than anything.
Aug 4, 2002 8:47 AM
They (Campy) were nearly driven to the brink of extinction after their foray into the MTB world. The failure cost them big time. So they retreated, regrouped and focused just on road bike stuff. They've never ever been cost effective and being in the MTB world is all about hitting price points and volume. So until they can actually demonstrate they can build something that works, that doesn't weigh a ton and is reasonably priced they're not in the game. Since Campy has bowed out of the MTB world there have been a slew of small independant component manufactures making all sorts of great products and stealing market share from Shimano left and right - and this has pissed them off no end. Your issue of the super thin 9 speed chain is a a red herring. We've been using them on MTBs under race conditions for quite some time and I'm a big SRAM fan. In fact if you really wanted to it is possible to setup an entire MTB without a single Shimano component - however they still make the best crank/BB/front deraileur combo. This whole notion of Campy having to be different and incompatible with Shimano while it may actually be true makes about as much sense as Apple computer in an IBM PC world and we all know how well Apple is doing. If they want to stick their head in the sand that's their business, but please don't defend them and call it something else. The smart money says go with the defacto standard and pull the rug out from under the 400 pound ape and eat his lunch while he's trying to figure out what happened. Campy just can't deal with the idea that the bike biz is no longer the same old bike biz that they've known for so many years. Obviously Campy can't adjust to the new world disorder. End of story.