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Share the Road?????? My butt!!!!!(longish)(11 posts)

Share the Road?????? My butt!!!!!(longish)94Nole
Aug 3, 2002 5:42 AM
Okay, maybe this is an over-reaction and I will disclaim the following:

1. I am a newbie of about two weeks but better than average athlete. Didn't want you to think that I was a barely mobile blob on two wheels.

2. Haven't done a group ride yet but have ridden just about everyday since I bought the bike including a couple of 20 milers, which based on the feeling of my rearend isn't too bad for 2 weeks.

3. Granted, I'm probably not arrogant enough to be a true roadie. If I was, I wouldn't be posting this.

4. Was riding with my soon-to-be 13 year old son which makes me a little more sensitive to this issue. He was on a mountain bike.

Okay, enough disclaiming. This morning, my son and I were motoring along (15-16mph) when out of no where, 4 cyclist come blowing by (un-announced) about 1 foot off my left shoulder (I am not exaggerating). I then peek back over my left shoulder to see if there are others, I hear, "Passing" by one cyclist of a peleton (a little cycling lingo I've learned) of probably 50-60 more bikes (again, not exaggerating). They come blowing by as well. They, too, were, in my opinion, way too close to us. It scared the heck out of me, I can't imagine what the initial reaction of my 12 year old was.

Okay, now that you are back off the floor from laughing so hard, what would have been the proper etiquette? Seems that the group would have continued to announce their presence until the last rider went by.

Cyclists complain that cars do this and think it's the worse thing in the world. Why is it okay for cyclists to do this to other wannabe cyclists?
Some Errorsjromack
Aug 3, 2002 6:41 AM
You will become more "aware" of various sounds, especially when cars approach from behind and take the necessary precautions.

The lead rider of the first group should have announced their approach better. Every once in a while, I get some arrogant jerk who passes with no warning. They can't help it, they are simply jerks.

The second group leader should have told you "big group coming by".

They had to stay close to you for safety reasons (if it was on a road).

It's a bit scary at first, but you'll get used to group riding.
Group ridesfiltersweep
Aug 3, 2002 7:20 AM
Those riders were just plain rude- especially since you were riding with a kid. I always make a special effort to respect and ride safely around children (hey, we were all kids at one point). They should have passed with more clearance at the very least.

I'm curious where you were riding? The road or a MUT?

There are many rude group rides... some are even sponsored by an LBS. I was recently out on a solo ride along a long stretch of road with no stopsigns or lights. As I approach an intersection a large group ride BLOWS a stopsign and several riders almost collide with me as they turn into my path (many ride like lemmings... if one blows a light, they all do, without any regard to their surroundings). I'm stuck in the middle of a squirrely pack that is riding slower than I was going. They ride two or three abreast, so I cannot pass them, nor can a long line of traffic (that is certainly annoyed by now). I'm a bit miffed at this point, make a few attempts at passing, but am ignored since people apparently think I'm part of the group. They blow through two stop signs without even stopping (and there is traffic here), which I stop for (which nearly causes a collision for the riders behind me (my rear tire was hit). The leader annoyingly points out way too many details in the road (a hypocritical concern for the group's safety/ a hypocritical display of group ettiquette). They finally turn off the road (running a stop sign again) and one of them yells at me, "hey, we're going this way" like I'm one of them).

Bottom line: people often behave like a MOB in a group. They lose their individual sense of identity and responsibility. They feel safer in flouting the rules or social conventions appropriate to the situation, and often are emboldened by their numbers. It can be quite stupid.
Group ridesSantaCruz
Aug 3, 2002 8:06 AM
filtersweep hit the nail on the head.
When the group gets too big, it frequently gets out of control.
I prefer to stick to 8 - 10 max, but four friends is even better.
What they said.MXL02
Aug 3, 2002 8:57 AM
If you frequent this board enough, you will find out that roadies have a bad reputation for arrogance. I would say that most people on this board are responsible and try to promote more congenial riding. Unfortunately, you just ran into some a$$holes.
these are the kind of group rides that do the following:lonefrontranger
Aug 3, 2002 9:43 AM
1) P.O. cops and other drivers
2) get ticketed frequently in Boulder
3) make it more dangerous for me to ride solo because the cars are P.O'd and are now gunning for revenge on me and other lone cyclists out training responsibly
4) inspire rants like the following from the Mad Dog (he says it so much better than I could)

Keep at it, sorry you had a run in with a bunch of wankers. From the speed and descriptions of over-hypocritical debris analysis it sounds like you actually ran into a group of "tourons" or as a friend of mine on the board terms them "squirrelly piglets", meaning a club recreational ride. These are the sorry sorts of sacks who think it's cool to go on Critical Mass rides (don't even get me started about that). I'm sure I'll get flamed for this as an arrogant racer type, but IME most touring club rides are appalling from a standpoint of lack of skill and sense combined.

Not that racers are any better (most racer group rides are a lot worse on attitude factor and suffer severe testosterone poisoning along with the mob mentality), but their bike handling skills are at least such that you wouldn't have gotten run into, they'd have given you room to get out when asked, and they'd have known you weren't part of the group to begin with.

What can I say but better luck next time. This is why I limit myself to one group ride per week with a LBS-sponsored racing club that at least have the sense to follow road laws in a pack (only because the LBS has threatened to throw people off the team and/or shut down the rides if they don't but I digress).

Most experienced racers train solo or with one or 2 partners and do their pack skills riding at the local training criterium (closed roads, meaning marginally safe) to avoid the mob mentality.
these are the kind of group rides that do the following:DINOSAUR
Aug 3, 2002 12:25 PM
I'm in complete agreement with this statement. I gave up with cycling clubs. They ride in big packs, all over the road, tend to travel too fast on unfamilar roads and ride on roads that are far too dangerous to even consider riding on. I feel a lot safer just riding by myself. People tend to get pissed off when they encounter a pack of cyclist hogging the whole roadway and won't show courtesy by pulling over to allow traffic to pass. I sometimes wonder when I encounter a rude motorist if I'm taking his/her rath from a unpleasant experience with a group of these rude cyclists.

To the original poster, start riding with a mirror so you won't be caught off guard again.
Wow, I must have lucked out with my groupTig
Aug 3, 2002 3:48 PM
Yes, some of the people in my club as well as my team take stupid chances and are poor representatives of cycling. Most of the group is well behaved even when the pace gets serious. Calling out serious hazards, solo riders and runners is the job of the pulling riders, and they communicate well. When we see riders on the other side of the road approaching, you'll actually see a few people wave. Unfortunately this is a rarity among roadies! Maybe its because the group consists largely of NASA workers, teachers, and doctors, combined with good ol' Southern hospitality.

There is no excuse for rude, inconsiderate behavior among cyclists.
This is great. Thanks for the replies.94Nole
Aug 3, 2002 3:14 PM
Is very assuring to think that many in that group this morning probably feel the same way you all do.

Thanks again for the posts.

re: Share the Road?????? My butt!!!!!(longish)empacher6seat
Aug 3, 2002 7:57 PM
I had an experience like that in my first few weeks of cycling. A smaller group (10 or 12) blew past me and made fun of my bike and the clothes I was wearing. I was lucky enough to spend a few awkward minutes next to them at a stop light, but no one spoke. I wish I went up to one of the guys who only had one foot clipped out and pushed him over =P. Since then, I haven't had any bad experiences with other cyclists... I guess I just ran into the wrong pack. Don't let a few idiots on wheels spoil your attitude towards a generally friendly group!
made fun of your bike and clothes??TomS
Aug 4, 2002 3:24 PM
Geez, how mature! I'd guess they're the kind of people who would act that way in any situation, i.e., make fun of your car at work, your hair in a bar/club, etc.

Probably the same guys who made my junior high school years so crappy :-)