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How bad is it to ride off curbs?(2 posts)

How bad is it to ride off curbs?Downtick
Aug 2, 2002 10:52 PM
I just purchased my first quality road bike, a Cannondale R2000 Triple with Mavic Ksyrium wheels.

I know this is a beginned question, but I'm wondering just how had it is for the bike to ride off curbs. Should I avoid any kind of dips or curb when riding the bike? Will I trash the tires if I do ride off a curb?

Thanks for your help.

re:lots of variables...Akirasho
Aug 3, 2002 4:28 AM
...rider weight, curb height, speed, etc. are all factors along with the particulars of the frame/components you're using (I'd worry more about the wheels than the tires)...

Is there a particular reason why you're riding off curbs? Personally, while there's a reason for an occasional curb clearance or bunny hop... I prefer finesse riding both on and off road (seems to make things last longer).

You'll probably encounter all manner of road hazards (potholes, expansion joints, small animals and kids) that will take a bit of a toll on your equipment... as to just how much said equipment can take is fundamentally unknown... until it fails.

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