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Oh, the pain!!! New roadie needs help....(3 posts)

Oh, the pain!!! New roadie needs help....sntacruzSL
Aug 2, 2002 7:25 PM
I'm new to road riding and am experiencing two different kinds of pain. I ride a 47 Lemond Zurick. When the bars are higher on the steerer tube, I experience a lot of gut pain. This position is much more comfortable for my neck and shoulders. However, when I lower the bars a few inches, the gut pain is relieved but creates neck and shoulder pain. I've been recently fitted with a 100cm stem and the bars raised higher. This still isn't solving the stomach pain.

I'm in very good shape. I'm an avid mountain biker and I cross train, including weight and interval training, regularly. Any thoughts?

P.S. I have slightly broader shoulders than your typical female...maybe wider bars?

re: Oh, the pain!!! New roadie needs help....Bike Mike
Aug 3, 2002 3:46 AM
How's your seat height? How about your seat position (fore/aft). Many times a small (i.e. centimeters) adjustment in either or both will significantly alter the way your body works on the bike. For example, a low seat can cause you to use your back more, possibly causing lower back pain - and maybe ab pain if your abs are in the action. Raise the seat a bit and legs will take over more of the work. Moving the seat back and forth changes how far you are "stretched out" over the bike, and again alters the muscles you use for riding.

Try making small adjustments each ride, one at a time, and see if the pains you're feeling get worse or better with each adjustment. Eventually you'll find the perfect solution. You may also want to look into a local cycling coach and pay him/her a visit to fit you on the bike.

Good luck! See you on the road!

re: Oh, the pain!!! New roadie needs help....DINOSAUR
Aug 3, 2002 4:23 PM
Most MB's go though this when then cross over to a road bike. It might take a couple of months before you start to feel comfortable. Neck and shoulder pain might be an indication that your stem is too long. A 100mm stem on a 47cm bike sounds awful long. You might see if you can swap out to a shorter stem. Your riding position will be different than on a MB as you are using different muscle groups. Also as the previous poster mentioned, make sure that your saddle is positioned correctly.