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So, who can give me some San Fran info?(9 posts)

So, who can give me some San Fran info?Ahimsa
Aug 2, 2002 5:49 PM
I'll be heading out west to SF in about a month and wanna know....well.....what do I wanna know?

Bike rental?
Bed and Breakfast?
Best Chinatown food?

Who's got me covered?

re: So, who can give me some San Fran info?spankdoggie
Aug 2, 2002 6:58 PM
I am a local; I was born and raised here, so I am basically not qualified to help you. Tourists who have been here can help you better... Rent the bike on Stanyan street. There are 6 shops within 2 blocks... You have to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. Get a lock, and eat dinner in Sausalito... Round trip from s.f. to sausalito is only about 16 miles...

Many here will agree with me, and have additional input...

Agree w/spank, as far as he goes.Silverback
Aug 2, 2002 7:22 PM
I grew up near the city and spent a lot of time there 'til I moved 10 years ago, and still go back often. Stanyan Street near Haight is a good place to rent--lots of shops in a few blocks, as spankdoggie said. I've seen mostly mountain bikes there--you might call and see about higher-end rentals. The GG Bridge ride is a must, but I remember hearing something about closures for security. May have been lifted now, though. Another possibility is to take the ferry one way and ride the other. From the ferry building to the bike rental places miles? Haven't done it in awhile, but it's not real far. Lots of good riding around Marin County and up Highway 1 north of SF, too.
Don't know about places to stay, though, unless you want to check with my mother in law... you'd save a ton of money going north or south a few miles (San Mateo, Petaluma), but then you're half an hour by car from everything. If you do stay on the peninsula or up north, there are rideable roads between Hwy 101 and the coast, too.
some San Fran Infochar
Aug 2, 2002 7:20 PM

Wear some flowers in your hair.

You have picked a good time, summer arrives in September, BMC San Francisco Gran Prix race is September 15, a must see event, you can also watch (or enter) the San Rafael Cycling Classic the day before, a ride of 1 hour from the Golden Gate Bridge.

BYOB, Bring your own bike I would advise, you can rent mountain bikes; road bikes, I don't know, the shop that did rent them went out of business.

What bike to bring if you could only have room for 1?
Cyclo-cross with 25-28c road tires. You can ride just about anything in the Bay Area, cruise up fireroads, get in a little single-track, and just motor on the pavement.

For local club rides checkout
The race scene is available at

And there are a multidude of local rides/races in the Bay Area.

There are a lot of microclimates in the Bay Area, you can be freezing in the fog and 10 minutes later scalding in the sun. So, will you be staying in SF proper? or in the Bay Area.

Got maps, will travel, ask away.

some San Fran Info...spankdoggie
Aug 2, 2002 9:46 PM
The Golden Gate Bridge is always open to bikes. You can always get through. I remember coming up from Sausalito late at night in a rainstorm on my bike with 4 beers in me, and a good dinner... The gates were closed. I screamed, then climbed the fence with my bike.

A nice immigrant security guard (not Al Qaida) ran up to me, and I shouted at him. I told him to hurry up next time.

There is a button you press, and there are cameras on the Golden Gate Bridge. Press the button. The Gate opens. Ride Free over the bridge. Shoot, they want to charge a dollar now to bike riders... They already got away with charging $5 for cars... It sucks.

Security? yeah right. They got a couple of clowns on each end with M-16's, but that ain't gonna do anything when they hijack an oiltanker and slam it into one of the towers of the bridge.

It all sucks.
Enjoy your stay at San Francisco.

a CHEAP place to stay...Mr Good
Aug 2, 2002 9:52 PM the youth hostel at fort mason. It's in a really nice setting, that's where I'd stay. It's close to the GG bridge and good bike riding. It's an old wooden 1-story building in the park. It's an AYH hostel so you may have to do chores or something, but it's worth it (don't stay at the hostel in union square).

If you eat meat you should try Cordon Bleu (hole in the wall restaraunt) on California Street at Polk (next to Lumiere theatre). The only thing on the menu is chicken, and they only cook it one way (marinade-ed and char-grilled) and it's the best you'll ever taste! Don't bother with the "meat sauce."

Cheap breakfast place with good food: Golden Coffee at the corner of Sutter and Leavenworth.

I hope you'll be here for the SF Grand Prix, it's pretty great. Last year I watched on Fillmore/Broadway for a while, then rode my bike down to Taylor St (the other big hill), and finally went to the start/finish and sat on top of a bus stop shelter to watch Hincapie win. They had a giant jumbotron tv screen at the start/finish so you can sit there and watch the race as it develops, then see the racers come through every lap.

What's the focus of your visit? Cycling, or something else? Traveling on the cheap?
re: So, who can give me some San Fran info?Me Dot Org
Aug 3, 2002 8:48 AM
Stanyan Street for bicycle rentals: YES. Warning: You're going to end up with a Hybrid City bike with a suspension seat post kind of rig.

Good Eats: The Blue Muse - reasonably price mix of French and American Food.

Pancho Villa - Everybody has their own favorite burrito place, but you'd be hard put to find one that satisfies as many people as Pancho Villa.

Plutos - big helpings of basic foods - Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, various vegetable side dishes. Salads, Chicken, Flank Steak. On Irving Street, only a couple of blocks from Stanyan Street bike rentals.

For dessert, head across the street to the Crepevine. Delicious, inexpensive dessert (and non-dessert) crepes.

Hotels are hurting right now - occupancy rates are down this summer, so you should be able to push for some deals. The cheapest rates would be south of the City, however.

Cappucino: Cafe Trieste - You gotta do the North Beach thing, right, right? Go there on a weekend. Wear a black beret. Life eez, how you say? Zee death of wisdom. Another cappucino, grazi...

And, of course, while in the Bay Area, don't fail to visit the world famous Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia ;-)
re: So, who can give me some San Fran info?spankdoggie
Aug 3, 2002 7:27 PM
Forget it, I cannot bite my tongue any longer. Rent a cheap as hell bike from Stanyan street. It is tough to find a good rental in san Francisco.

Rent a lock. Barely one mile away from Stanyan Street is 9th Avenue and Irving. On 9th Avenue between Lincoln and Irving, there are three great places to eat. One is Gordo's- the best burrito place in San Francisco.

The next two are on the top 100 list of Bay Area restaurants. If you like sushi, you will have the best sushi in your life at Ebisu on 9th Avenue right up the street from the burrito shop. There is always a line out the door, but they open at 5:00. Go riding, and show up near that time, and for about 50 bucks (get some maki, and it will be cheaper; I just like the sashimi and nigiri alot) have some great sushi. I forgot your budget... Order the 49er roll, and the Caterpillar roll...

Across the street from the burrito shop is Park Chow. Cheap, and absolutely exquisite. Great place for lunch. 10 bucks or less/more for lunch there. Park Chow has been voted one of the top 100 in the Bay Area...

It has been said that you can eat at a different restaurant every day and it would take you 7 years to eat at every restaurant in San Francisco. I forgot how many are here.


P.S. We would often eat at Gordo's after riding to the top of Mt. Tamalpais and back from San Francisco (about 50 miles, maybe) That buritto is awesome. But there quesedilla is better. Get their flour quesedilla; trust me...
GORDO's...I'll second that!Mr Good
Aug 3, 2002 10:08 PM
the place has great burritos, and it fits the bill for me because it's CHEAP!

Right there on 9th ave I also like Villa Romana for the linguini with fresh clams, and if I had some cash I'd go to the fancy seafood place next door (not the sushi bar, the other one.) And still there's plenty of places in those few blocks I've never tried. . .