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Commuting by Bike(2 posts)

Commuting by BikeKillerQuads
Aug 2, 2002 11:48 AM
If you live less than 15 miles from work, you should consider commuting by bike. I have a good setup for fast commuting on a road bike. You need to travel light, so I keep work clothes, shoes, bike lock, etc at work and do not carry them on the bike. I do carry a seat pack with an inner tube, mini pump, multitool, and tire levers. A cycling computer must have a time of day function.

I use Shimano double sided mountain bike SPD pedals and mountain bike shoes. These are easier to engage in stop and go traffic and the recessed cleats allow normal walking in the hall way.

I lowered the gearing by changing the 52/42 chainrings for 50/38 chainrings to go with a 24-13 cassette. There is a bridge I must cross with steep grades on either end.

I use gel gloves and a comfy saddle since urban roadways are in poor condition. I use Kevlar puncture resistant tires (700x25) to prevent flats. You want strong rims with a high spoke count.

I wear a regular cycling jersey (love the back pockets), but wear mountain biker baggy shorts (to keep from looking like a Spandex weirdo at the office).

It's best to have a private office were you can change and keep your bike. I bought a 12" fan to cool me down as I change. Try an alcohol rub down if you stink. As long as you walk the bike down the hallway, you can get away with bringing the bike inside most buildings.

I see most urban college students using mountain bikes, but a road bike will get you to work faster.
Aug 2, 2002 1:05 PM
Thanks for the hot t...

Oh never mind.