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The Idiocy of this 'Psycho Man'(2 posts)

The Idiocy of this 'Psycho Man'rwbadley
Aug 2, 2002 9:49 AM
My lovely bride, bless her, calls me 'psycho man'. She has Asian roots, and I always thought she was saying 'cycle'. I think I may have been mistaken.

We have company from out of town for the next few weeks, I thought I would sneak out for a quick ride this AM. I left with the warning I would be back in half hour or so. She said "Yeah, right" I said "look baby, I won't take water, see? I'll have to be back!". She rolled her eyes, and off I went.

We had rain yesterday, and it was sooo nice and cool with lovely smells and all. I grabbed the cross bike and took off down the road.

At my usual turn around spot for a "short ride" I looked longingly up the hill to one of my "longer rides" What the hell, SO off I go up. I made it to the top, and looked at the trail of singletrack. MMMmmm, just rained,, I bet traction'll hook up nice today. Wet sagebrush aromas everywhere. OK, so just a SHORT LOOP.

You probably see where this is going.....

An hour and forty five minutes later, I arrive home. Dehydrated of course. "On time as usual, I see!" from the spouse.

But Honneeee.....!

Have a great weekend!!

sounds whipped to me...nmmr_spin
Aug 2, 2002 11:37 AM