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Shimano compatability (kinda long-cross post to components)(1 post)

Shimano compatability (kinda long-cross post to components)Kurt H
Aug 2, 2002 6:35 AM
I cross posted this one to components, but I thought I'd open it up to the wider audience for comments.

Hey folks,
I'm rounding up all of the spare parts in my bin in the hopes of building up a frame this weekend and am left with a few compatability questions. I realize I can probably find the answers to all of these through trial and error, but this just seems a heck of a lot easier :-)
Here's what I'm thinking of putting together, but am not sure it will all work:
Frame: Steel "all-rounder" - think Bridgestone XO-1, 26" wheels, canti studs, but pretty much road geometry.
Wheels: Off my old MTB (Shimano 8/9), add an Ultegra 12-27 cassette and semi-slick tires
Cranks: Hopefully a road triple I have sitting in the bin, but it may not clear the chainstays. I'm thinking of falling back to 26(28?)/38/48 rings to gain extra clearance and give myself a little lower range. Failing that, I'll pull out an old LX crankset.
Brakes: Either Avid Shorty's if I can use STI (my preference), or I can fall back to Canti's and a canti compatable brake levers.
Front and rear derailleurs: 9-speed XT

But now, my questions:
1) Will Shimano 8/9 speed MTB hubs fit a 9 speed Shimano road cassette? I'm not overly fond of the gearing options open for MTB cassettes (too wide) since this will see a good bit of time on either roads or fire roads and I have a triple to fall back on if it gets rough or I get tired.
2) Will XT front and rear derailleurs shift using STI, or do I have to use bar-ends or downtube shifters?
3) Does 9 speed XT use the same indexing as 9 speed road (i.e. if I can't use 9 speed STI, can I at least use 9 speed indexed bar-ends)?
4) If I need to use an LX crank, I don't have a spare MTB BB. Are square-spindled Shimano BB's the same for road and MTB, assuming the axle lengths are compatable to provide a workable chainline?

Thanks for the advice!