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more on the Posties yellow podium caps(5 posts)

more on the Posties yellow podium capstarwheel
Aug 2, 2002 3:54 AM
I sent an e-mail to the US Postal Service website asking how to purchase a yellow Tour de France podium cap, and they responded saying that they had received numerous requests but it is not currently available on-line. That leads me to wonder if you can buy one through a Postal employee. Anyone know?

I actually found a 2001 version of the yellow cap at one of the local bike shops and the owner sold it to me at a discount since it had been in stock for a while. There is a 2002 cap listed on ebay that was bid up to $135 the last time I looked. I briefly wondered whether I ought to just stick my cap on a shelf or sell it on ebay, but stuck it on my sweaty head and wore it instead. Looks great.
My friend said he saw some at Nike town.Sintesi
Aug 2, 2002 4:46 AM
Yellow baseball caps? I don't know if they have the USPS logo tho. I'll go check at lunch if you like.
Sure ...tarwheel
Aug 2, 2002 5:22 AM
What's Nike town? It's the yellow cap that Lance was photographed wearing on the podium after stages in the TDF. Yellow with a blue USPS logo on the front.
No Dice.Sintesi
Aug 2, 2002 10:19 AM
Nike Town is a Nike superstore - 5 floors of all things Nike. ANYWHO, They have the podium basseball caps in black (see picture), exact thing Lance wore but black. $24. They also have yellow cycling caps that say Le Tour de France and some others as well.
Thanks for checkingtarwheel
Aug 2, 2002 11:06 AM
I'm gonna check with a friend of mine who's a US Postal carrier. Perhaps he can scarf one. Regardless, the 2001 cap I picked up yesterday suits my needs just fine.