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hair removal tips please.(13 posts)

hair removal tips please.daneil
Aug 1, 2002 11:21 AM
ok so for those of you who haven't figured it out yet there is very little to do in the office today. so how many of you guys shave (legs, arms, backs, chests, etc...) and do you have any tips for those of us who are of the Robin Williams persuasion? (not a negative thing, I love Robin, but man is he hairy) Alternitive products are more than welcome, I remember my bodybuilding cousin telling me about a product that was supposed to gradually make your hair finer and thinner until it practically stopped growing at all. Also how to convince my fiancee that i need to shave, other than the road rash arguement I just got into quite a little accident involving a dog and losing half the skin off of my shoulder and even the melted hair in the would wouldn't convince her.
re: hair removal tips please.bigdeal
Aug 1, 2002 11:33 AM
Products to stay away from (from my experience): nads, epi-stop. Nads actually works, but applying the gu is more than difficult....epi-stop just plain sucks and doesn't work. I'd also suggest being wary of a razor, your hair grows back thicker and more coarse.
As far as why to do it? There are studies showing lower body temperatures in shaven athletes vs non-shaven. Depending on where you are this could be a very valid point. Hope it helps!
re: hair removal tips please.daneil
Aug 1, 2002 11:38 AM
So if nads and epi-stop don't work and a razor will make it grow back thicker then what should a hairy man use?
Laser is an option...HRH
Aug 1, 2002 11:55 AM
but it will cost you a bundle. The good thing is you don't have to worry about it again (or at least for a few years). And the hair that grows back will be thiner than before. It does tend to be less effective for people with darker color skin.
Aug 1, 2002 12:22 PM
You just have to suck it up and shave, with a razor. It's hard the first few times (keep the band-aids close), but it just works. I shave my legs about once a week and it works just fine. Just use a woman's razor. Facail razors are too rough and will kill you.

As for why, two reasons:

Chic's dig shaved legs. They do, my wife loves it.

You go faster. It's all in the head, but you feel fast and will go faster.
re: hair removal tips please.gerwerken
Aug 1, 2002 12:22 PM
I just started waxing my legs a few months ago and I already have very little hair regrowth. I have shaved for years and it is the easiest way to remove hair, but the hair does grow back thicker and corser. (An ex of mine shaved his back for swimming, it wasn't pretty. I waxed his back and it started to grow back thinner and lighter). Nair also works for me. The trick is to leave it on till it burns and then scrub it off (not very good for sensitive skin).

As for why to remove hair here is two things that might convince her ...
1) After you learn to shave yourself well you can shave her too. Should be fun for both of you.
2) Get into bed with her after getting perfectly smooth and rub your leg against hers. It feels much nicer then hairy legs.

Oh, here is one more if the top two don't work. "Why can't I shave when you get to do it all of the time. I thought we practiced sexual equality."
This worked for me...JL
Aug 1, 2002 12:32 PM
Try "Nair for Men" to get the initial thick stuff off and then just shave. I tried the Nair again, but it didn't seem to work as well after the thick stuff was gone. The Gillette Mach 3 has worked for me. I used my wife's Skintimate shaving cream, which seems to work OK. Make sure you use a moisturizer afterwards or it's itch city. I don't know about the finer hair stuff, but if you find it let us know.

Happy riding.

re: hair removal tips please.curlybike
Aug 1, 2002 12:51 PM
Go to the discount store and get a set of hair clippers for home haircuts. It willhave things to put over the blade to adjust length of hair remaining. Doing this will allow you to reduce the mat of hair without having to shave the whole body. Yes, removal of a lot of your body hair seems to make you cooler. Sorta like removing a layer of insulation.
re: For me...I_See_Fred_People
Aug 1, 2002 1:26 PM
..I hated shaving my legs. It was a royal, time consuming, pain in the ass. Not to mention the skin irritation.

I started with a poor sugar/wax job. It works ok and hair takes much longer to grow back,'s the catch, to use it again the hair has to be long enough, which kinda defeats the purpose for a month or so.

Nair? No. It burns, smells and is no better than least for me.

Just use a good razor and some Edge gel. But what has been a Godsend for me is an electric razor. I bought it to use on my face, but that actually took longer and didnt work as well. But for the legs I think it saves me time. I shave the legs with a regular Mach 3 razor usually once a week, on a Saturday or so. After that I just maintain with the electric. No its not a smooth as the razor, but its easier and quicker and is great for keeping visible stubble away. I have very hairy legs normally.

I also find that only using the razor once a week, my skin isnt as irritated.

This is gross, but I think all of us have more ingrown hairs than we think. We only notice them when they become irritated. I have learned to spot these before they become inflamed and get them then.
Gillette Mach3 is a must. Avoid cheap razors! -nmTig
Aug 1, 2002 7:27 PM
re: hair removal tips please.PaisleyRioux
Aug 1, 2002 5:12 PM
C'est vrai. Chicks dig the shaved limbs. We can see those nice muscles better. At the Tour of Somerville, we womenfolk tend to stand around and talk about legs. Same thing, year after year.

So there's your incentive.
Simple, kind of. Clippers, then shave.js5280
Aug 1, 2002 6:57 PM
Get a set of clippers (like they shave your neck/hair line with at the barber's) to do the big stuff. Then get out a good razor (I like the Mach 3 at first then I can go to cheap diposables later) and some shaving cream/gel (prefer gel) and go at it. The hard part is if your want to hit the back. Just no easy way to do that part w/out some assistance. If you don't want to ask your spouse/Sig. other, try a local, full service men's spa and they can take care of you. For less than $50 and no sweat you can take 1-2 lbs. off the bike ;-)
Venus Razors and Edge Gel!Stinky Hippie
Aug 2, 2002 6:51 AM
...I have to take my fiance with me when I buy them, but they are even better than Mach 3s.

Feel the gin