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Having trouble reaching brake levers.(6 posts)

Having trouble reaching brake levers.gerwerken
Aug 1, 2002 11:05 AM
I just got a new bike and I'm having trouble reaching the brake levers while in the drops (lower position, whatever you want to call it). I have angled the handle bars down but I can still barely reach the levers, only my fingertips touch.

The levers are 105. Does anyone know if I can decrease the distance between the levers and the bars? I know you can do it with most MTB levers.
There isn't an adjustment like on mountain bike levers.Spoke Wrench
Aug 1, 2002 1:00 PM
What you can do, however, is to mount the levers a little lower on the bar. Course, you'll have to retape after you do that.
Sounds Good, but will that put the hoods too low to ride in?(n/m)gerwerken
Aug 1, 2002 1:04 PM
re-angle the barsDougSloan
Aug 1, 2002 1:19 PM
rotate the bars a little so that the bottoms sort of point at the bottom bracket, making the tops flatter; then move the brake levers a little down and forward; this should put your hands closer while in the drops.

If this doesn't work, there are some bars made especially for people with small hands; check Excel or Performance.

Thanks! (n/m)gerwerken
Aug 1, 2002 1:58 PM
Here's a fix...rockbender
Aug 1, 2002 10:46 PM
While not glamorous, you can reduce the distance by placing a shim in the gap between the lever and the hood while it is pulled. you can get the round, self adhesive furniture pads (felt), or epoxy a penny, or other washer in that gap. Works quite well!

You may also try a different bar with a different bend... check out those distributed by Terry.