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What 's your take on caffein?(6 posts)

What 's your take on caffein?js5280
Aug 1, 2002 8:14 AM
Seems to be a lot of nutritional items (i.e. gels) with caffein added nowdays. Since caffine is a stimulant, I would think it would increase your heart rate at a given effort level. Is this a good thing? It seems like this would make you go anaerobic sooner and force you to slow down. Is my logic flawed or can someone explain the physiological benefits of caffine?

Note: Did a search and I didn't see any other detailed posts on this subject.
re: What 's your take on caffein?bob_vanderhaus
Aug 1, 2002 8:22 AM
I love it when I race. Double espresso before the race, and a coke during the race. I take the lid off of a 2 liter and leave it out overnight which takes care of the bubbles. I feel that the sugar and a little caffine gives me a little pick me up before the finish.
I cant touch caffeine on or before a ride. Problems galore. nm.onespeed
Aug 1, 2002 8:27 AM
I'm amazed that anybody can.Matno
Aug 1, 2002 11:21 AM
Especially in a long race. It would kill my endurance (and theoretically should do the same for everyone based on how it acts in the body, but apparently some people like it). However, for short stuff, it can certainly be a performance enhancer. Really makes me wonder why it isn't regulated in racing circles the way just about everything else is. I guarantee that caffeine has a bigger effect on most people than, say, Sudafed. Go figure.
it is regulatedColnagoFE
Aug 1, 2002 12:21 PM
i think there is some limit to the amount of caffeine in your system...something like 2-3 cups of joe. caffeine is not all that bad for endurance activities. see this article:
hot black coffee = starter fluid... nmCarbon fiber fanatik
Aug 1, 2002 2:30 PM